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  • i just sent a message over, but i see very limited response if anyone knows of anything i can do, or check it out that would be super helpful, cheers

    cheers thanks for sending me to the correct location

    why does wordpress accept themes but don’t know how to fix them, they should add it would turn it into a billion pound company, as most other theme sites have rubbish forums and don’t work, do you know a wordpress theme similar? so if i have problems i can just come here and get it fixed, i wish it wasn’t so difficult to get something sorted, themabiz not helping and i just want to get it sorted, so either can help with another theme which looks the same or help me find the problem please, im hoping a kind heart is out there and can understand that i need help i don’t know where to look i really just want my site up so i can inspire people

    i really like the look of this theme and i can’t find any others for free that look like this, i jreally just want this to work again, it was working before, but it just stopped out of the blue, i am using novavideo

    i asked someone and they told me if it was the theme they would of sent an update by now, but i will try that theme now and see my findings, well i tried the theme and its within the theme that is the problem, but how can i find what the problem is within the theme now?

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    i was logged into my back end of my website
    i selected settings
    then selected general settings
    then were it says wordpress address (url) i changed it from to
    then i changed blog address as well from to

    i hope this is enough information i really just want to log back in and fix up my seo cheers

    or even just to add a page which allows anyone can share there soundcloud code or youtube code, if that ispossible, i would love to know how cheers

    if that is the case why do they have a specific topic on plugins? but yeh thats clear i got cha ill ask the vendor

    i dont get the purpose of this forum, isn’t it ment to help you with any issues you have? i dont understand what you mean commercial stuff, i really just want to center my banner, that is all, thank you for your initial help anyway cheers

    ots not really the theme the banner is up just want it in the middle, in that code i have displayed could you show me where to write the alignment i dont know where to put the html

    it still isn’t working because i don’t know exactly where to put the text which centres images, can someone help me please i put the script up as well

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    i tired to create a new directory but it said disk quota exceeded, does that mean ive used all the space? if so how is that i need more space where can i get it from without getting rid fo the images i have already?

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    hey, i changed my permissions but it still doesn’t allow me to upload any images or update any plugins, it was working for a little while, then it stopped working again, does anyone have any other methods of how i could solve this problem?

    thank you esmi
    Theme Diva & Forum Moderator for your attempts at helping me i apprciate it.

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    getting this message
    Warning: imagejpeg() [function.imagejpeg]: gd-jpeg: JPEG library reports unrecoverable error: in /home/museofmu/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor.php on line 334

    im just confused man so difficult, someone set the website up for me and left me in the lurch i just want to be able to upload images why is it so difficult, my host is i dont know anything i else i use wordpress and theme twenty eleven which was customised please anyone i need a step by step man basic beginner all this permissions im clueless about sorry i appriciate the help honestly but i just dont get it aint there no numbers to all someone or online technical help

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    its actually happening on everything i just realised, i tried to update my plugins and it couldnt create a directory, this is the message i got

    An error occurred while updating WordPress SEO: Could not create directory. /home/museofmu/public_html/wp-content/upgrade/wordpress-seo.tmp.

    do you know why this would happen? and do you have any solutions? i am using theme twenty eleven but its customed alot.

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