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  • Yep same problem here images are not showing up at all.

    I have just sorted this problem using the information above and guidance from the VC people.

    I added the following to my child theme functions.php:

    # Empty functions.php file for your childtheme
    # The parents functions.php contents will be loaded.
    # Add any additional or overwriting functions here.

    remove_action( ‘init’, ‘cptui_create_custom_post_types’, 10 );
    add_action( ‘init’, ‘cptui_create_custom_post_types’, 1 );

    The cpt I need appears in the vc media grid and I can also choose the categories associated with it.

    Thanks for your help on this Michael and great plugin, keep up the top work.

    I’ve just had to do this and it worked fine. I simply grabbed the export information and deleted the post type I did not need from this data and then imported the remaining content back in and the unwanted post type was gone. All template files remained and are working fine.

    This is what i had to delete and left the rest:

    “our projects”:{“name”:”our projects”,”label”:”Our Projects”,”singular_label”:”Our Project”,”description”:”Project with details.”,”public”:”true”,”show_ui”:”true”,”has_archive”:”false”,”has_archive_string”:””,”exclude_from_search”:”false”,”capability_type”:”post”,”hierarchical”:”false”,”rewrite”:”true”,”rewrite_slug”:””,”rewrite_withfront”:”true”,”query_var”:”true”,”menu_position”:””,”show_in_menu”:”true”,”show_in_menu_string”:””,”menu_icon”:””,”supports”:[“title”,”thumbnail”],”taxonomies”:[],”labels”:{“menu_name”:”Our Projects”,”all_items”:”All Projects”,”add_new”:”Add New”,”add_new_item”:”Add New Project”,”edit”:”Edit”,”edit_item”:”Edit Project”,”new_item”:”New Project”,”view”:”View”,”view_item”:”View Project”,”search_items”:”Search Project”,”not_found”:”No Projects Found”,”not_found_in_trash”:”Not Found in Trash”,”parent”:”Parent Project”},”custom_supports”:””},”

    I think this is Ailsa who left a comment n my you tube video about this. I got some answer from the essential grid people.

    This is what I added to the functions.php file. You need to change the grid alias number. In my case below I have a query for future events, on 2 grids and a query to stop caching (I had some issues with the grid so you may need this too). You may need it all or choose which bit you need.

    add_filter(‘essgrid_query_caching’, ‘eg_disable_caching’, 10, 2);

    function eg_disable_caching($do_cache, $grid_id){ //disable caching for the particular grid
    if($grid_id == 43 || $grid_id == 48 || $grid_id == 50){ //replace 1 with your desired grid id
    return false;
    return true;

    add_filter(‘essgrid_get_posts’, ‘eg_modify_query’, 10, 2);

    function eg_modify_query($query, $grid_id){
    if($grid_id == 43 || $grid_id == 48){ //replace 1 with your desired grid id
    $query[‘meta_query’] = array( ‘key’ => ‘_start_ts’, ‘value’ => current_time(‘timestamp’), ‘compare’ => ‘>=’, ‘type’=>’numeric’ );
    $query[‘meta_key’] = ‘_start_ts’;
    $query[‘meta_value’] = current_time(‘timestamp’);
    $query[‘meta_value_num’] = current_time(‘timestamp’);
    $query[‘meta_compare’] = ‘>=’;

    if($grid_id == 50){ //replace 1 with your desired grid id
    $query[‘meta_query’] = array( ‘key’ => ‘_start_ts’, ‘value’ => current_time(‘timestamp’), ‘compare’ => ‘<=’, ‘type’=>’numeric’ );
    $query[‘meta_key’] = ‘_start_ts’;
    $query[‘meta_value’] = current_time(‘timestamp’);
    $query[‘meta_value_num’] = current_time(‘timestamp’);
    $query[‘meta_compare’] = ‘<=’;

    return $query;

    Precisely but I have to argue against others who have drifted where it shouldn’t have gone. If the post editor is not there for any development small or more, why is it there at all and why does it currently have options to choose font, bold, alignment and so on. Remove them all if this is the logic that is being presented.

    So I have 2 folks saying that WordPress is not FrontPage or indesign. My goodness gracious me I have never said that it should be! Don’t try to win arguments by using anything you can please!

    “It’s designed to help people without that sort of knowledge to build websites and publish their content online.” Said Sam.

    Yes it is, that is why it is a huge pain in the rear end having to store 10 hex colors in a word doc and to keep going back to them every time you need them in the post editor! Why on earth would any client like that, that is why we need this solution because it is client centric. Put your customer first, who want to edit their pages. Highlight, click, done!

    @catacaustic of course I do that sort of stuff but there are times when pages need their own approach. I combine those principles with giving clients the freedom to make changes.

    You can try whatever angle you like to prove how those examples pages I provided could be created but there is no excuse for not having a highlight, click, save solution for colors.

    I’m not saying they will but don’t let people think for one moment about moving to wix or some nasty solution like that. Viewpoints of this nature are not client centric but more focused on how much the developer can control the client.

    4 points:

    1. Client should understand a whole bunch of code has been completed for their site, so they can’t do everything, this includes templates etc.
    2. Colors are in the theme and used where required but flexibility should be in place elsewhere.
    3. Client should not have to go anywhere near hex codes or html when changimng colors in the post editor. Templates help but they should have some freedom!
    4. Client should have flexibility but giving them the option to mess with hex codes and html, obviously this can be problematic. Highlight, click, save because the color is there in the editor. That is a customer centered solution.

    There are plenty of ways a developer controls a client on purpose or inadvertently. This is not one of them!

    If you can click a font, click to justify, click to add a bullet point, why is clicking for a specific a color you need each time such an issue?

    So if WordPress is designed for people who don’t have extensive development skills, surely a color feature I have suggested is exactly the addition required.

    When WordPress took away the color picking option a few versions back, leaving post editors users with only being able to add exact colors in the html that was bonkers, many were unhappy about that. Once more, clients furious and for good reason in my eyes. If the client can’t use it fast and efficiently it is not fit for purpose.

    Good grief because the post editor is worse than the first ever word processor and it’s 2015 that’s why I want it in core.I’m not saying replicate TinyMCE advanced and therefore the world of options but this is just a basic good addition that’s no dramas to add.

    If WordPress was built for only coders then no problem leave it out but it is not.

    Sam, yes you can build it that way and it is not crazy! Why would you create such a complex theme, every page on a 80 page site could be structured differently. OUCH! 80 templates, blimey. What you’re saying is that a modern website should not be created using the page function of WordPress, as such why use WordPress at all?

    Sorry but no logic is being presented to me here.

    I might need 10 templates with css for each page I need if I did it that way. I’m not doing that, those sites I listed would probably have multiple page variants leaving the template and css idea as unwieldy.

    Without seeing it and then tweaking it as you go, you can’t get the to the right solution so creating those pages above using the post editor is fine. Some of us like to see what is being structured as we proceed and helps us to be creative rather than robotic and code driven

    A client can handle it no problem, it depends how you have built the page and whether you trained them a little. All clients need a little help using their site. I think it depends on whether you are building sites for clients to use or you’re building sites to milk them dry?

    I do find myself getting a little irritated by responses that convey these cases as fringe or rare cases. Under no circumstances are they anymore. Those statements make no sense at all. Complex pages are here to stay and they are most certainly not being built using templates and css in many instances. They can be carefully constructed in the post editor and it really is not madness but a way to expand creativity!

    I don’t need to be reminded that WordPress is not word or indeed indesign but such basic functionality fails me. Core can’t keep saying plugin, plugin, plugin they need more appreciation for how WordPress is being used.

    This is lightweight anyway (no I don’t want another plugin because no doubt it will conflict with something). As for whoever made the decision to remove the color picker entirely in versions not long ago, what was going through their head?? My word!

    There is no logic to my solution not being in place, none at all! of course not, like I said blogs will be consistent but we don’t just use wordpress for blogs these days now do we? Come on, please!

    Where next? Yes you do design the pages in the post editor, here are 4 such examples I could create in wordpress using the post editor for everything in in between the navigation and footer.

    All of the above have variations in font color, backgrounds and so on. What more can I say?

    I know plugins are available to extend the use of WordPress but I can’t keep adding plugins, it bloats the solution and may cause more conflicts.

    Basic lightweight additions to the core of WordPress like this should be considered. The plugins you may add to enhance complexity don’t necessarily mess about with the WYSIWYG, they use it in its basic form.

    I’m not sure you’re fully appreciating the strategic direction of how WordPress is being used by folk. I know I’m not the only one to have these frustrations.

    All I’m asking for is a simple solution to a time consuming nuisance.

    I do wonder what websites you are creating Sam? Many sites have numerous colors on a page these days perhaps using 5-10 corporate colors. Take one page websites as an example using rows with white wrappers, some with black, others with blue, whatever the design, fonts, backgrounds and so on will change to fit with each row. I’m afraid this is not weird but par for the course these days!

    Take it a step further and you have websites with multiple pages and multiple layouts using you guessed it, the same colors in different combinations.

    If all you do is blog, then fine the colors from the theme and css will suffice but many folks are using WordPress to build complex pages that combine colors.

    Sorry but another plugin to the collection for this task is daft. Process, process, process for me, not more wasted time. This functionality should be in the core. I’d be fuming if I was a client having to keep going back to excel sheets or word to get the hex code. #annoying.

    Plugin is not the answer, WordPress needs to respond in some ways to the likes of wix and other junk out there to ensure it is still easy for non developers.

    Nope not for any website in particular.

    I think you’re not necessarily thinking about this from an efficiency point of view or from client side either.

    Of course themes have colors setup for headings, body text etc etc but the way pages and posts are created these days with more complexity you often need to change font colors, wrappers, background of columns and so on for each page or post. The list goes on.

    Adding color swatches every time you need them in every WYSIWYG for different pages and posts is a daft process. Why go back and forth to other documents where you save the 10 corporate or business colors? So unnecessary!

    The process should be very simple and done in one of 2 ways. Add the 10 colors under general settings in WordPress and up they pop as options in the WYSIWYG, highlight text or select wrapper, whatever you need and click on the color. Simples! Alternatively go to a WYSIWYG on any page or post add the color to the swatches and it appears in every WYSIWYG for all posts and pages. Now, you add the color in a WYSIWYG and go to another one and the color is not there so you have to add it again and again and again.

    I prefer the general settings option, add your 10 hex colors and use them wherever you like in WordPress. Backgrounds, fonts etc etc.

    WordPress isn’t a dull blogging platform anymore it’s more than that, not only does the developer need access to colors but so does the client. It’s not just about adding css to a child theme,I do that anyway this is a simple select and click solution to get the job done fast. Adding css for each post is a little excessive for my liking and not a healthy client solution either.

    The process is daft at the moment, it really is and I don’t see this as a heavyweight option to add. I mean every business, website or blog has their own colors so surely this makes sense.

    yep standard colors you add in general settings of WordPress. Frankly I can’t be arsed with adding them every time i use the WYSIWYG.

    So for a post you may add a color for a wrapper or heading color text but every time the WYSIWYG is opened up the specific colors you need are gone and you have to add the hex color every time you need it.

    Sounds daft to me, why no facility to pick standard colors you need for the website setup and further development. It might not seem much but if you need to keep going back to an excel sheet or word doc to pick up the hex color 100’s of times it mounts up to a lot of time.

    Hope that explains it. I’m all for time savers large or small but lots of volume.

    So I have an events page and that page should not show events that have already occurred.

    So events that occur today and all those in the future, that’s the query I need.

    The essential grid can show the events by date order ascending, figured that bit out so I don’t have to write a query for that, however I need the specific query in addition to what essential grid (its auto written a query I guess behind the scenes) is doing to show only events that are happening on a given day or in the future.

    I’m almost there but I’m rubbish with queries. Essential grid calls it an additional parameter, therefore I need a query for this process please?

    OK so I read the previous post on here and unchecked the cache for master slider and it is back up and running.

    That will do for now but would rather have cache enabled in future for speed purposes.

    Any other further comments appreciated.

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