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  • Thank you Joe for the feedback and suggestion. I opened a ticket for that here:

    It does not work for me either. I see no button at all. I went to its settings and adjusted a text for the button, but it does not appear. Maybe this has to do something with my theme (Travelify). I also think, we need a button that goes directly to the default payment gateway, if the product is digital and the user is a registered user.

    Hello Dan
    Thank you for the reply.
    Yes, I can do the customization. Like I mentioned in the other post, I could not find the template customizer at all. You said I need to design a child theme, but this is beyond my current knowledge. I will try to learn it. I just wrote the above explanation because I wanted to suggest improving the later versions. Like I already mentioned, although SPI seems to be a very good invoicing plugin, it is not yet quite ideal. If I had enough knowledge for doing the customization, I would do them myself; but since I don’t know how to design plugins, or child themes, I can just raise a few suggestions for future versions.

    Hello Dan
    Thank you for the feedback. Sorry for the diverging topic.
    I have purchased a Pro license now.
    I see the pro version is a bit different from the free version, but the problem of history on invoices still exists. I read your guides, but I could not find the custom template designer of Sprout Invoices. I went to “Edit Invoice” page and I saw a link that said:
    Custom Templates

    I clicked on that link and it said:
    No custom templates found.

    Again I clicked on Custom templates and it went to the documentation pages instead of custom-templates page.

    You said in your documentation:

    >On the estimate or invoice screen click the Customizer and edit some of the basic styles for each template.

    I don’t understand. Are you talking about “Edit Invoice” or “View Invoice” page?
    In neither case I could find any customizer. Where is it exactly? Please give me the exact address. Maybe I am misunderstanding.

    > Note: If the Customizer link is not showing, make sure you are viewing and invoice (or estimate) from the front-end and not the admin; the same page your
    clients will see.

    What do you mean exactly? Do you mean we should log off from WordPress and go to “view Invoice” page? I logged off and went to “View Invoice” page, but I found no customizer link. I could not customize the invoice. My invoice has 3 main problems and I don’t know how to customize them. I discuss those problems in a separate topic, as you suggested.

    I also have the same concern. I prefer the invoices to be publicly available, so my clients won’t have to login for viewing their invoices, but some clients might not like other people to be able to see their invoices. Therefore, I agree with the idea of auth-code embedded in emails. I also think these options: public, private, and auth-code must be customizeable, because different people might have different views.

    I definitely agree. I don’t like to show those history items under my invoices either. I think they are absolutely redundant for our clients. I have never seen a real invoice that writes the history of updates and modifications like a story at the bottom of page. I believe they are even redundant in the administration area, except for creation date and last update date and notification dates. I also agree that Sprout Invoices is the most polished invoicing system I have seen so far, so I need to thank for it.

    Dear MailPoet
    Thank you for the reply.
    > 1. If you set the newsletter to go out X days after subscription, you can effectively send out quarterly (every 90 days, for example.)

    What do you mean exactly? I have not seen any option for sending the newsletter 90 days after subscription. Is it a new feature? I need to send the digest mail every 90 days, not just 90 days after subscription. Is Mail poet really able to send the newsletter every 90 days automatically? for example, 4 times a year?

    > 2. Very sorry about that, but we are definitely aware of this issue and will be trying to find a solution in the future.
    Well, I believe the solution is easy. I just want a text editor in which I can copy/paste a few shortcodes and HTML tags so to design the
    template. I think making a textual template is far easier than visual designer. I need to write a template like this:

    <html dir=”rtl”>
    <image src=””>
    Dear [First Name] [Last Name]
    Here is the latest news published on our website in the last quarter:
    [post-titles-as-links show-author-names=”true” show-excerpt=”false”]

    Best Regards
    You have received this email because you subscribed to our newsletter. In order to unsubscribe, please click on the following link:

    For larger websites, it will be fantastic if each user will be able to design their own digest template, select their own desired categories, and customize their own desired freequency. For instance, the first user likes to receive the latest posts of Category A and Category B every week, but the second user likes to receive the recent posts from Category C and Category D every month. The 3rd user likes to receive only the recent posts of a certain author. The 4th user likes to receive only the posts that contain a certain keyword. The 5th user likes to enjoy a combination of all. I believe, a customizable alert system is the biggest feature WordPress lacks.

    Hello again Reedyseth
    Thank you for providing the direct download link. I tested the beta release of this plugin, and I write a review here:

    A review on the new version of STCR:
    1- It has a new feature called “Checkbox Position”, which can move the checkbox to above the submit button.

    1- When I installed the plugin, I could hardly get rid of the lots of announcements appearing on the page.
    2- The Farsi translations are available, but they don’t work at all. I wonder why.
    3- In STCR options, the “Notifications” page did not work for me.
    4- The subscription checkbox does not appear at all in my theme (Travelify). This theme had no problem with the previous version.

    In a nutshell, the beta version did not work at all for me. I also have a question for you:
    Which subscription plugin do you recommend us to use now: STCR or Comment Mail?

    Best Regards

    Thank you Reedyseth
    I am happy you came here to answer the topic. I was looking for your email address so to inform you about the topic. I went to the above link, but I couldn’t find the zip file. Maybe that is because I am blind and I am using screen reader. There was no “zip” item in the page as a text or link or button. Would you please give me the direct link?

    Did you include my Persian translation as well?

    Thank you

    >did you get these emails before?

    No, I never received an email that notifies me about moderated posts. I don’t use any plugin for that purpose. I only use Subscribe To Comments Reloaded. It is only for comments, not for posts. I deactivated STCR, but no luck. I also use Mail Poet for automatic notification of newly published posts, but not moderated posts. I deactivated that plugin too, but no luck. Then, I deactivated all the plugins. Again no luck!

    Hello and thanks for the reply.

    > This really is not a WordPress problem. Have you approached the plugin author about this?

    Yes, it is not a WordPress problem, but I posed it as a feature request. I have contacted the plugin author and requested this feature. The topic has been discussed in Github and other users also confirmed that the checkbox should appear above the “Submit” button. The author also agreed about that, but he said, “I don’t know which WordPress hook I can use for this purpose”. Do you mean there is already a hook that allows taking the checkbox above “submit” button? What hook is it? What should the author do? I am not a plugin developer, so I don’t know much about WordPress functions, but I see even your own forum has contrived the checkbox below the “Post” button. If there is a hook that allows taking the checkbox above “Post” button, why don’t you take your own checkbox above the “Post” button?

    Thank you

    By the way, the same problem applies for your own subscription system in this forum. When I want to post a message here, the checkbox of “Notify me of follow-up posts” appears after the “post” button, because you have contrived no hook for the plugin authors, so they can add that checkbox before “post” or “submit” button. Of course I am not a plugin-author. Maybe you have contrived the hook, but the author of STCR said he doesn’t know how to move the checkbox above the submit button.

    Thank you

    Yes, I have checked all the folders. My mailbox does not have any Spam folder, because it is from my own website. Its junk folder is always empty. I checked the junk folder again now, but it is empty. I have no problem with WordPress emails. All parts of WordPress send me the emails without any problem. The moderated comments are sent to me, but the moderated posts are not sent to me. Is there any setting such as ping back or track-back that can cause this problem?



    Dear lorro
    Thank you very much for the guide. This solved my problem. I wonder why I couldn’t find it in Woocommerce FAQ or guides or settings.

    I just found the solution tonight. I had the same problem. I read the FAQ and it said, “this plugin needs the jquery function being loaded by wp-footer()'”. I had removed wp_footer() function from my footer.php file. I went to the theme’s folder and added that function. The problem was solved.

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