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  • jamesstcrice


    This issue still seems to be present despite using the latest version.

    Can anyone else confirm that?

    Same issue here. While it’s not a fix per se, turning on the reload page after accept option is a workaround. I don’t love the page reloading, but it does make the notice go away as you’d expect. Would like to get this resolved so that is not needed.

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    Did some additional poking around and found the code that adds the generator tag in site kit. Since it uses an anonymous function, it can’t be removed using remove_action which is unfortunate.

    It would be great if this tag was either removed entirely, or the code altered to use a named function/action that can be manipulated as needed.

    Thanks @reneesoffice. The setup loop is definitely the higher priority of the two. Appreciate the prompt responses.

    Thanks, Renee – That setting is very useful to know about. It would be great if that was visible as part of the setup process, and not just in the settings after the fact.

    In terms of GTM, I don’t need to specifically display GTM data as long as the Search Console and Analytics data displays as expected. To answer your question, the GTM snippet is essentially hard coded into my theme, but the specific ID comes from an Advanced Custom Field that is set depending on the site… but again GTM is not a problem as long as the primary services are displaying data and I can stop the plugin from adding any code to my pages, which it appears that setting will do (which is great).

    This is unrelated, so I can start a new tread if you want, but on a number of occasions after already going through the site kit setup wizard, I logged into the WP dashboard and was prompted to setup Site Kit as if I had not already done it. This happened across multiple sites. Any idea why that would be?


    Thanks, Renee.

    That is true, but our GA is included via GTM. So while I would like to see the GA data via Site Kit, I don’t need Site Kit to insert redundant GA code…

    Is there any hook or anything I could use to disable that output?

    Hi all,

    Sorry to be a noodge… but was wondering if there is an update on this?

    I updated a site to gutenberg and the client happens to use public preview all the time, so now they’re annoyed at me.


    Hi guys,

    Sorry to pile on a closed issue… but I ran into this same problem. Just trying to add some basic line breaks to the email messages.

    I altered these lines as suggested by Michael

    //$activate_message = sanitize_text_field( $args['activate_message'] );
    	$activate_message = esc_textarea( $args['activate_message'] );
    	update_option( 'bprwg_activate_message', $activate_message );
    	//$approved_message = sanitize_text_field( $args['approved_message'] );
    	$approved_message = esc_textarea( $args['approved_message'] );
    	update_option( 'bprwg_approved_message', $approved_message );
    	//$denied_message = sanitize_text_field( $args['denied_message'] );
    	$denied_message = esc_textarea( $args['denied_message'] );
    	update_option( 'bprwg_denied_message', $denied_message );

    Which does allow basic HTML tags, like br, to save in the dashboard as you’d expect.

    However, when the email gets sent… the “br” appears in the text of the email rather than becoming a line break.

    Any ideas?

    I am working on a buddypress site for people with cognitive problems, so I am trying to make everything as clear as possible.


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