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  • Thanks, It works perfectly

    Ah, no problem. I didn’t realise.
    Alternatively you could write a guide on adding and changing rows through the main php file. It depends. I think this is a great plugin.

    I’m definitely going to see if I can add another drop down box option myself to file types. But then I want to see if I can have 3 in the same row. So an output could say

    File types: Mp3, jpg, licence.
    Though I guess checkboxes might be good.
    Anyway. Thanks for your help. I’ll mark it has resolved.

    Well its a 3d games file site so I wanted to know whether I could find more useful microdata. Or actually even remove the option if it was just going to mislead people. Its for Project Anarchy files, which is a little like Unity.
    Design application and game application look like good choices. I guess I don’t have to worry about it really.

    I’ve done what you’ve suggested in the parent functions.php. And the Licence row does show up in the download page, it just doesn’t state ‘mylicence’ nor can I see where to fill it in. I.e. its still not possible to provide details in the ‘edit download’ page as well.
    But thanks for the help.

    Just to get back to you, I can see the Licence row is now viewable in the spec table, but its not available in the admin area page options where you fill in the rest of the details.

    I have uploaded the functions.php that has been created in the Shop – Front child theme, rather than edit the main functions theme. I had created the child theme with a child theme creator as well.

    Anyway it does now show up on the page but doesn’t show up in the panel to edit.

    Hi, I’ve added the code below between the two functions that I’ve put the headers for.
    But I whilst I am using a child theme, I’m not using a functions.php in the child theme, just the functions file in the original theme.
    * Add a custom row with a custom meta field to EDD Software Specs table

    function my_add_specs_table_row() {
        global $post;
        echo '<tr><td>';
        echo 'License';
        echo '</td><td>';
        echo get_post_meta($post->ID, 'my_license', true);
        echo '</td></tr>';
    add_action ( 'eddss_add_specs_table_row', 'my_add_specs_table_row');
     * General theme setup
     * Creates a nicely formatted and more specific title element text

    I have successfully added an table option through the alternative method of adding it to the edd-software-specs-php. But I’m obviously doing something wrong overall with the functions file.

    Is the microdata specifically defined by google? Ultimately it’s not necessarily that useful in my case but it would be useful to use dropdown choices and look at some different microdata options.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)