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  • I created a child theme and made a copy of inc/extras.php

    In this file I modified the header class definer (the block of code is titled this way exactly, somewhere around line 117) to change the way a Page header gets a class assigned to it. The goal is to prevent it from checking whether the page has featured image and just assign a normal class instead.

    This part of the code looks like this in my case:

    	} elseif ( is_page() ) { 
    			$header_class = 'normal-header';

    Hope this helps.

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 1 month ago by Jaaaarne.

    Was not trying to be snide (although the fact that their website doesn’t render ok in IE 11 is a bad sign). However, Madeline was obviously trying to respond to somebody else. I’ve never seen people ask to see the website to suggest css. 🙂 Which means that somebody somewhere might be waiting for her response and not getting any.

    As for css, I know enough of it to have tried this solution first thing. However, the “Read more” link is wrapped in class-less paragraph tags. Means that I can hide the link (which has class assigned to it), but cannot hide its paragraph.

    And since the “Read more” output is in functions.php, I cannot even permanently assign a class to the paragraph in question. While I’m good with css & html, I have to rely on logic and/or intuition where php is concerned. 🙂 Functions.php of the child theme is one scary abracadabra to me, because, frankly, I just don’t understand how it should interact with the parent functions.php in order to cancel or modify something from there. And all possible changes to the parent theme’s functions.php will get overwritten eventually. In such case I might as well just keep putting this stupid translation file with different wording back into the parent theme every time it updates, because WordPress ignores translation files from the child theme.

    Also, I don’t need to remove the excerpt function. I only need to remove the “Read more” link. It’s in a separate ct_tracks_excerpt_read_more_link function, so I gather it can be cancelled. Only I don’t know how. 🙂

    Huh? I think you might have been trying to reply to someone else in some other support forum, Madalin. This one is Ben’s. 🙂

    Tracks is not a ThemeIsle theme (thank God, I might add; have you seen your website in IE?).

    I have solved this myself.



    Thanks, this works great!

    Have I already mentioned that you provide wonderful support on top of crafting wonderful themes? 🙂 I would’ve bought a pro version to acknowledge that, if not for the current exchange rate situation. :/ Unfortunately, it is only a “thank you” at the moment.



    Thanks for the offer, but I already have a child theme which I’ve been customizing for a couple of months now. 🙂 And I have no problem whatsoever with copying and pasting. 🙂

    However, this solution is not quite what I had in mind. It lists all categories the post belongs to. I was content with having only one, only I wanted it to be the parent category that is listed, in case the post belongs to a subcategory as well.

    Well, maybe that is actually tricky.



    Thank you! That solved the issue.



    It’s something the editing software (Excel or Calc etc.) does. It adds extra commas to the first line of the CSV file, like this:


    However, the correct line should look like this:


    These extra commas cause the import to fail.

    The solution I personally use:

    – add all your events to the example CSV file,
    – save the file as CSV and close it,
    – open it in a UTF text editor (avoid Windows Notepad; I personally use UnicEdit, it’s good and free),
    – remove extra commas from the first line, don’t touch anything else,
    – save the file,
    – import it without a hitch.

    Those symbols are font weights from your scripts.php file.

    In your source it goes like this:
    wp_register_style( 'ct-tracks-google-fonts', '//,700' );

    However, WP for some reason encodes everything after Raleway. If you see the source code in browser you will see this output:

    <link rel='stylesheet' id='ct-tracks-google-fonts-css' href='//' type='text/css' media='all' />

    As you see, :400,700 turns into %3A400%2C700.

    Therefore, any attempt at adding a subset via & turns into the same gibberish output as with your original attempt at loading font weights.

    The question is, how to prevent WP from encoding : and & into html entities?

    It’s not a Raleway issue. It has the required subsets, and IE displays it correctly, like I said (although I think that’s because I have Raleway installed locally on my system). Chrome and Opera do not display it at all for my language, except for numbers.

    P.S. – An important thing to remember with Google fonts is that by default (when no other subsets are requested) it outputs only Latin subset. That means that even if the font does have other subsets (Cyrillic, for example) they won’t be loaded unless you request them.

    It means that
    will only apply to English/other Latin-based text and numbers, but won’t be applied to, say, text in Russian.

    will apply both to Latin-based languages and to Cyrillic-based languages.

    Okay, I found it. I also found out what this “%3A400%2C700&#038” gibberish was. Is there a way to add the & or : symbols to that string?

    Fixing breakpoints is good, and your swift reaction is even more so.

    However, wrong blocks order is not so good. I have to admit that I liked it even with the initial weird breakpoints. Mobile view actually looked neat on a desktop screen. It could’ve left an impression of a nice full width theme if only it had a standard header (website title & main navigation, or at least a title).

    Unfortunately, your responsive structure ends with header instead of starting with it, which makes it sink to the bottom on lower resolutions. It messes with user expectations. When I first viewed the demo I thought that the page has loaded incorrectly and refreshed it twice before guessing to scroll down for the website title (!).

    I don’t know what was the reasoning behind this decision, but the result is extremely debatable for actual mobile users.

    Thanks, I will try it! Currently have no access to a bigger resolution desktop, will check on Monday.

    And since you’re being awesome and reply fast, I have one more question. 🙂

    I wish to make some changes to index.php to display single pages in one particular category a bit different than the rest of them. I already know what to do. However, putting index.php into a child theme directory messes with pagination display. Pagination disappears.

    Even if I so much as simply copy the original index.php from the parent theme into the child theme directory without making any changes to it, the pagination still disappears. If I remove index.php from the child theme directory, the pagination displays correctly.

    Why could that be?

    ETA: Ah, disregard. I’ve fixed it myself. 🙂 As they say, it takes one detailed explanation of the problem to immediately find the solution. :)))

    Thanks for the reply!

    I believe it should be max-width in the first snippet, or else it does just the opposite. 🙂

    Margins worked beautifully. However, when I tried adjusting the comments form/list accordingly, I ran into problems on screen resolutions wider than 1280. Will probably have to leave the comments with their original width. *sigh* 🙂

    As for the Jetpack, it’s unreasonably huge and extremely user unfriendly, always nagging for integration with and never taking “no” for an answer. Won’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.

    Well, it was a far shot anyway. 🙂 I’ll live without infinite scroll.

    Jan, I’m not the original reviewer, and I said that I didn’t mean this particular theme. 🙂 If my wording was unclear on that, then I apologize. English is not my native language, so I can be what they call “tone deaf” at times. 🙂

    And this theme is nice. I don’t know what the original reviewer’s problem with it was. It doesn’t promise lots of fancy features to begin with, it has a completely different point.

    In fact, thanks to this negative review I’ve discovered another theme made by Ben called “Tracks”. 🙂 After spending a couple of hours on its child theme I can honestly say that it’s almost perfect for my writing website.

    All in all, Ben makes great themes and absolutely didn’t deserve this negative review.

    However, there are some developers on this site (not Ben) who tag their lite themes with features that are not there. And there is no procedure in place to call them out on it.

    keep in mind that theme authors are permitted to upsell. Unless something is deliberately broken then that’s fine.

    And when developers outright lie about their lite version features? Is that fine? I don’t mean this particular theme, sorry Ben. However, I’ve seen several examples in the rep, and there is no way whatsoever to do anything about it, maybe alert mods or something. The upseller can do whatever they please, list all the pro features the lite version doesn’t actually have, and the user can do nothing except grit their teeth and delete the theme.

    Sorry for hijacking this review, but it’s the first time I’ve seen an actual mod in one of those, so I couldn’t pass the opportunity. 🙂

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