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    @ Rich Tabor

    Thank you for your response. Like I said in my initial review, I’ve installed it on my test site together with everything it told me to install. All 3 plugins, including Gutenberg. I wanted to see if I would be able to reproduce what I saw on the WP demo and what people on the support forum were writing about.

    As for the email, it simply never went through. Didn’t even reach the spam folder. In my experience [with Exchange servers] it likely means incorrect headers, especially for the automatically generated emails. I have also seen this happen with WordPress notifications to Gmail addresses on some hosting providers. Some servers will accept such mail, some will reject. You never know which it will be. So you might want to look into the email headers your script (?) generates.

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    The first support topic concerning this issue has appeared a week ago and didn’t get any response from the dev. Believe me, I looked there right after the WP demo and before installing it for a test run to see whether it would reproduce.

    And it’s great that Rich gives back to the community. Seriously. Although he still chose not to make his other 3 free themes available in the official repository, and wants to harvest emails instead. That’s his right as the author, of course, but that’s never a good sign.

    The fact that emails do not even come through to at least end up in spam likely means that he has his mailing script (or whatever it is that he uses to send the highly confidential links) set incorrectly. Not a good sign, either. Especially for a potential customer, who might want to first try and then buy, but the first thing they run into are technical issues. Because, well, some mail servers might allow incorrect headers, and other won’t, and how would you know which one the potential customer uses.

    And the fact that the only theme he chose to make publicly available via WP repository was not sufficiently tested and/or checked, while simultaneously not having a working demo on the developer’s site (it’s the only theme without a demo, by the way) is also not a good sign.

    So, yes. Adding several lines of CSS is not an issue. But this kind of attitude is. I don’t know who this person is and how many lines of code he has contributed to the Core (?). All I can say, though, that as a potential customer I get a definite feeling that this developer just does not care.

    Plugin might be free, but it does not work perfectly. It does break multisite, and I have to jump through hoops every time it updates. Extremely annoying. Although the emojis WP forces on us annoy me much more.

    Thank you for the tip! Somethng must have changed within WP code, because this is the second plugin that goes sour after the upgrade. Might be a coincidence, of course, but it does look weird.

    Same here. 500 errors after upgrading. Thankfully, I had a backup of the 0.7.5 version (learned the hard way to backup everything), so I was able to revert in under 5 minutes. However, the dev should look into this. So many people affected, it must be something with the code.

    Thnk you for your hard work anyway. 🙂 I do appreciate this plugin.

    Please don’t think I didn’t try that myself before asking for advice. 🙂 I already said that quality searching at rep is impossible. It will only work when devs start tagging their themes correctly. Which is never, I’m afraid. 🙁

    So thank you for trying to help, but it would’ve been nice if you actually looked at what you’re suggesting.

    Out of 27 themes you suggest only 9 are more or less one column (including Ryu, that has post sidebars, and Saka, which is a bare bones theme with a standard sidebar in the bottom). 6 of those are outdated (as in, 2015-2016). And I’ve already seen all of them.

    I know there are more one column themes in the repository. Alas, filtering by features doesn’t work. Searching for “one column” keyword brings up old stuff. What other keywords I might need to use? English is not my native language, so maybe I’m missing something?

    You see, I was hoping that since humans are more clever than machines, somebody might be able to suggest something specific. It cannot be that no minimal themes are developed these days, can it?

    I have to agree with Schulz. I’ve recentrly discovered that new comments notifications from WordPress never reach my Gmail address. However, if I change user address to some other email service, the notifications come though fine. They are obviously getting rejected by Gmail for some reason. I have a feeling that this is somehow related. Gmail probably identifies them as fake, because they do not even reach the spam folder.

    I’m not implying you’re the author, Denzel. 🙂

    See, that’s the link to the demo available from inside the free theme installation, on the “About Customizr” page. It says something like: “Read the documentation and view the demo”. And links to this demo. It’s natural to assume that this is the demo of what I could possibly do with this theme, imo. On the demo itself it links to theme directory and claims the theme is active on 100k websites. Nowhere it states that this is a premium theme demo. Very misleading. 🙁

    Do you happen to know if the author ever comes to these forums?

    Thank you for the advice, but I have spent 1.5 hours yesterday teaching myself ALL the options, thank you. I couldn’t find it anywhere, or else I wouldn’t be asking. Sorry.

    Are you absolutely sure? Grid layout is available in free version. Or is it some other sort of grid, with normal excerpts?

    If so, then that’s a real shame. Looks like for all its [useless] bells and whistles, the theme doesn’t allow for the most basic things such as displaying excerpts. 🙂 A shame.

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    Those are jquery.magnific-popup.js and jquery.magnific-popup.min.js
    The word “popup” obviously triggers the adblocker in internet security suite. Unfortunate naming.

    As for adding font subsets, it might be tricky. Not all fancy fonts have subsets for other languages. I’ve seen this issue handled in some other themes, where you can choose a font and a subset in customizer, but I don’t know how difficult it is to implement. Lots of people reserve this kind of stuff for paid theme variations, although there are free ones as well (I’m not sure I’m allowed to name them here).

    Like I said, the theme is not documented at all. How should a user guess that they would need some particular plugin to make it work as advertised? Especially when it’s something as controversial as Jetpack, where one has to create an account on to make the plugin work. And especially when the theme does nothing without it!

    To assume that all people will have Jetpack installed and connected by default is rather arrogant, don’t you think?

    Thanks for the advice, but no. Unless you offer a way to get advertised functionality without Jetpack. For crying out loud! How did they even let this theme pass?!

    There’s no “Portfolio” template, only “Split” template. Which is something different.

    I’m not expert, mind you, but reading the guidelines makes me think it might be the tweet link.

    The theme authors social media:

    – Social media links are allowed.
    – Social media “like”, “follow” and “share” buttons is not allowed.

    Oh, I see. Too bad I didn’t find this theme sooner. 🙂 I really like how two columns look.

    Hello everyone!

    I was wondering if there was a way to modify Steffen’s code so that the child categories were sorted by their hierarchy and not alphabetically? To fit something like Parent > Child > Grandchild. 🙂

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