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  • This can be caused by a plugin conflict, display issues are related to theme conflicts, as for the redirection issues, this can be caused by a slug or permalink conflict. However, these issues are not related to UU itself.

    No it’s not as I mentioned on your forum I checked all plugins one by one plus I even disabled all the plugin at once still the same problem, I siad it on my post on your support forum.
    In addition to that I also did a permalink check also I stated that when I posted my issue.
    These are not the problems, I don’t have any plougins issues or conflicts, nor permalink or theme compability issues.

    No, this definitely is not related to UU, if either posts or pages got lost, then you should check your WordPress installation. UU doesn’t handle WP posts, the plugin just display them.

    Yes it is, again WP permalink and installation (latest wp version) , example to that is when my admin user gets a new user name, happens only on UU, when I disable your plugin and allows standard WP subscription I don’t have those problems.

    Of course, UU might have conflict with third-party plugins, we’re willing to help with those conflicts, although.. sometimes there is no too much we can do.

    Again, no conflicts here since I checked each plugin one by one plus disabled all plugins at once same problems and same display with or without other plugins.

    Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you. Please, get in touch here with your ticket number and i will try to fix the conflict issues.

    Why do I need a ticket number if It’s on the top of your support forum which is quite funny because I see that you answer other new topics but totally ignore my problems.

    The recent comment I received from you guys was


    We’re sorry about the delay to get back to you over the holidays.

    We’re running some tests on our side, if there is an issue you will get an updated version within 24-48 hours.

    Thanks for your patience while we’re checking this issue.


    That was almost three weeks ago and I bumped the topics three more times since and still no solution, reply or attention.
    Now you said it’s a different plugin or theme or permalink even though I clearly stated that it’s not.

    This is not who’s right or wrong I just want you to fix my problems since I’m loosing a lot of money each day passes

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)