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  • Also,

    Can you tell me how to disable ratings from automatically being added to posts? I’d like to place the ratings in a different location within the post, so I’d need to be able to disable auto placement. Thanks.


    I understand what a child theme is. But, how does that cover changes to php files? Say for instance the single.php file has been customized and I move the customized version into my child theme. That’s fine as long as the parent theme does not get upgraded again. But what do I do when the parent theme does get upgraded? I’m not sure what files have been modified by the update. So say I intall the update and the update happens to include a modified single.php file. Well, that modified file won’t be used by my child theme: the child’s single.php file will be used instead. Which does me no good. I want to be able to keep my modification and when an upgrade to the theme files is necessary, merge my customizations into the upgrade.

    I pretty much knew this already.

    I have this installed on my own server.

    How can I preserve the current install (plugins, etc) when resetting up the current version?

    I don’t want to lose the work that I did already (I mean the current setup). I don’t care so much about posts, but I do care about the current theme and plugins.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


    No. Thanks. I’ll try that.

    I tried setting it to 32, but it still only shows the 8 lastest posts.
    Any other suggestion? Thanks.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)