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  • It started right up on my browser Firefox but had no sound nor controls.

    Thank you nobody for your genuine concern and timely response. Perhaps my 5 star rating was a bit premature.

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    Hi, haven’t been to this thread in a couple days. I did finish it and end up with something I can live with.

    If you want to know, here’s what I did:

    I removed the featured image tag from the single.php and page.php so it doesn’t show up on posts now.
    On the category page, I left floated the entry-title to next to featured image along with entry-meta.
    The content summary goes underneath that and looks good from here.
    I removed the positive position on the pagination so it centers out like it should and no longer gets bumped off the page.
    I removed the entry-main bottom margin completely, no longer need it to keep pagination on page.
    Done. Category thumbnail is left of title and meta, summary below that, no featured image on posts. It all looks and works good.

    Now I suppose that the next WP update will undo all my changes and put those fea-img tags back into the php that I removed. That much I can remember to correct if need be but I’m wondering if there’s way to avoid update undo’s of our code customizing.

    Hey thanks for sticking with me on this and for coming back. I thought you’d given up on me 😀 I’m marking the thread resolved now since I’m ok with the results. Despite adding some custom of my own, it was you that gave the ideas of where to start and how to accomplish it, thanks much for that. Then it only took me a little testing and altering to get it. We’re done with this one 😀

    Cool. I figured it was the plugin setting to create separate stylesheets so that’s what it was doing and using the Uploads folder. Don’t matter to me, just wanted to be sure. Thanks for your time and input.. sure you got better to do so you’re off the hook here 😀 Take it easy.

    Hey, thanks for reaching out again. I’m not deleting the Uploads folder. I deleted the Responsive-Menu folder that was located there since I thought it didn’t belong, got there by accident somehow. When I deleted the folder, the menu disappeared. So I put it back from my backup so it would work 😀 That’s all.

    So the answer is, yes, it belongs there? Fine with me. I was just curious or wondering if I’d accidentally dragged it there 😀

    Hey Peter, it appears that the plugin is placing a folder inside my Uploads folder which is the media files are kept. Is this supposed to happen? I did notice that if I delete the folder, the menu disappears so it apparently needs it. Seems like an odd location for the files tho. Shouldn’t this folder be written into the plugin folders? Thanks

    pretty lame answers if you ask me. I was merely looking for something to post a image from the posts to the category page. I don’t know what this plugin is for but it’s certainly not for me. You can’t even discern what I asked or am seeking. I’ve already uninstalled it. Thanks anyway

    I put back the .entry-main command with a bottom margin so the pagination would not appear bumped up against the final post summary.

    I changed the size of feature-image-box and thus eliminated the giant image and made it the thumbnail size I want on the Category.

    I removed the posts’ giant image by removing the php code which posts it on both the page.php and single.php files. I just left the html div’s in place since they are harmless empty. This removed the image completely from all the posts as I wanted with no issues to the Category pages.

    All that is left to solve now is getting the post summaries on the Category page to align next to the thumbnail, currently it displays above it.

    Did I do something wrong? Check my code again to see what I need to add to make the title/summary on the category page line up next to the thumbnail image. Other than that, it all looks good from here. Whatcha think?

    Okie dokie, here’s what I got now.

    The code you posted at the bottom of your message was not in the archive.php file.
    I added the css you have there to the bottom of the style.css file.
    Now on the Category listing page, I only have the giant image appearing on top but not the little actual size image underneath the summary.

    I also have the giant featured image at the top of the post.

    I do not want the giant image on the top the post. I do not want the giant image above the post summary on the Category page.

    I suppose the next step is an attempt for me to adjust the sizing of these through the stylesheet (CSS) if that’s possible, unless you have something else in mind.

    I wonder why the featured image is being stretched so big on the post and category? I’ve been trying to get an answer to that for 2 years which is why I don’t have any featured images set on any posts. If I can get the so called giant thumbnail to reduce, it might work out. 😀 I didn’t mean to put you thru so much with this helldog2018. I hope you’ll overlook my incompetency for the moment. Just know that you are appreciated. Thanks

    If you can’t make out the image above, here it is larger on a page:

    Thank you again for getting back to me. I don’t think Consorts is a Category. Please visit this page to see what I have at the moment: It is a Category page listing a summary of the Posts in the History Category.

    I’ve added a featured image to the Post “A New Millenium.” You’ll see the image when you visit the page and Category. It’s the top Post on Category listing page. Without this image set, the Category page only lists Post title & summary with no image. I do indeed have a background image set to the post and pages of the site so ignore that light blue n gold musical notations on page.

    There you can see what is happening. If I set a featured image on the posts it displays both giant on top of the post and category listing, and displays the image actual size too below the Category listing Post summaries.

    Here’s the Content.php file code:

    If you visit the page posted above, you’ll see the widget in the left sidebar displaying the thumbnails and title of each post in one category. Note: I selected

      All Categories

    in the sidebar widget settings.

    This is not what I’m looking for. I want a thumbnail image from the post to appear on the Category post listing, each Category, I will have many.

    I had no idea that this plugin was a sidebar widget only. I thought it posted a thumbnail to the Category listing pages of the image in the Post, featured or not.

    Any idea why the featured image of my posts is being displayed as giant on top of the post? I have no featured images set on any posts. If I set a featured image to the posts, then that image displays giant above the post and giant on the Category listing page, plus the smaller image (actual size) display underneath the summary, so I do not have any featured images added to the posts, only other images in the post article.

    I guess my question is that, is this plugin only a sidebar widget? Does it not display a thumbnail in the Category listing pages? How could I possibly get by with a website that has only one Category listing summary on the sidebar? How can list all the posts from each Category with its title and thumbnail in the sidebar? That seems ridiculous. Is this for real? How did this plugin get 5 stars performing this way?

    I must be missing something big here and not setting it up correctly. Please advise and clarify any of this for me. Thank you much.

    Now that I have a non working plugin and can get no support, I’d like to change that rating. Today is the final chance to correct this account and plugin issue which I have been emailing you about for a week only to receive lame, little attempts from Vereya at doing nothing she can for me. Took her a week just to send the purchase confirmation number by email. How’s that for support? And still, bought, activated, api, and all and the plugin does not work as it should. One video displays, no navigation method to other videos in playlist, and none of the animation effects are working at all. Just a total screw up of this plugin since reinstall and apathy from support. Thanks a lot! #$%^$%*^&#$#^

    I’m having trouble determining just where to put the code and just what to remove or change in the existing code.

    I’m wondering why is the featured image being made giant at the top of the post and category and placed in the code above everything right under the header, so source code reveals nothing to me.

    Simply put, I cannot write the code to make this work like I want and I know it is so simple, I need specific instructions.

    Here’s the code in the Content.php file. What do I do with it?

    If I add a Featured Image to the posts, the image appears giant across the top of the posts.

    When I tried the code you provided in the Archive page of my Theme, the giant image appears above the Category post summary also. I tried making the Featured Image a thumbnail size. It still stretches and posts the image giant on top of the post and appears giant on the Category page with the post summary below it.

    Removing the Featured Image causes no images to appear in the Category posts summary. Whatever size the Featured Image is makes no difference. It’s stretched giant, both on the post and its category page.

    What I am actually trying to achieve: A 150 pixel square image thumbnail to the left of each Post summary on its Category listing page.

    Seems like it should be easy to accomplish but this ain’t doing it. This code merely posts the Post Featured Image giant on the Category listing, no matter what size the image is, it’s displayed giant in Category listing.

    Screenshot of the code used, yours highlighted where I put it.

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