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  • I had this same problem with another plugin. You go into the plugin folder and edit the plugin folder name. I usually just ad the number 1 on the end of the name. And because wordpress cannot find it because of name change, it will disable it.

    You will get a disable notice in the admin panel. Now this part is very important to uninstall it correctly. Now you go back into the plugin folder and take the 1 off the end of the name of the plugin folder then save. Now wordpress will not re-enable plugin because it found it. It stays disabled.

    The reason you need to *correct name* put back is because while it’s disabled, you can now uninstall it. And since wordpress can now see the correct name it will uninstall correctly.

    You can do this with any plugin that won’t uninstall. But for security reason in case something fails, always back up before you do this. What usually causes this error? WordPress not going into the correct mode to do the uninstall so the uninstall hangs aka won’t take the next step. Plugin code has to be cleaned up and fixed to stop this problem.

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    Also have it to where the error does not say wrong character length so the hacker does not know what the exact problem is. There they continue down the wrong path trying to hack and wasting their time.

    Here’s an article on php 7.1
    php 7,0 vs 7.1

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    My hosting has an option to go forward or backward in php versions in the Cpanel. So I am testing 7.1 with WordPress. Actually I quit having some php errors that was showing up with a plugin named Code pinch which corrects any php error for a small fee. And yes as the person above me says it is a bit quicker.

    What’s really weird is my site is now faster with cloudlfare turned off than with it on. Go figure. Trying to find out what’s up with that. But maybe that will save me money of no longer needing it. Or maybe my caching plugin is doing something? I have to do more testing to see what it is.

    Note: The manual uninstall of plugins excludes the Advanced reset wp plugin. So you can fix it with this. Sorry left that out.

    Here’s the child theme link
    Child theme

    Hey, I got that message too. LOL Do you have any theme reset plugins? This is how I fixed mine.

    1) install Advanced reset wp.
    It is important to do this as I tell you too so you lose nothing concerning your posts or pages.

    2) Do you have a child theme for the current theme that backs up your customizations? There are plugins that do this. Download one and make one if you do not have a child theme. This is the best child theme creator. It also allows you to backup up your themes and their customizations.

    3) Backup everything. Make a separate backup of the data base. And for insurance download the full backup to your pc and the separate database backup. This is just for insurance if something really bad happens. But I have done this several times now nothing bad happened. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make a list of the names of all your plugins. You will be installing them manually.

    If you do not use the child theme creator to backup themes. Backup your themes separate from the other backups. You can either do that from a FTP program, or if you happen to have access to the server control panel for your website usually known as Cpanel. You can download in in the files section. If your installation is in the root directory, the location of your themes will be: wp-content/themes/”a list of your themes”

    4) Uninstall all plugins manually aka one by one.

    5) Using the “advance reset” found under tools in your admin panel use the deep cleaning option. The bigger the site the longer it takes to clean. If after 10 minutes the page does not refresh telling you it’s done, refresh the page yourself. It sometimes does not refresh page. You will find yourself logged out which is normal, just log back in.

    Now you have a complete fresh install.

    6) The full install is not needed right now so don’t worry about it. It’s for: if this procedure does not work you can quickly get site back up and running.

    7) From your list of plugins only install the plugins you had before the problem started. Any paid for plugin would not do this. It’s one of the free ones. So you can install all the paid for ones regardless.

    8) Install the theme you were using along with it’s child theme you created.

    9) Restore data base from the separate data base backup you made. Do not restore directory just database. That is where the problem is and you will put it back in if you do this.

    10) Check your site to make sure it’s up and running again.

    11) Check for the problem. Should be gone.

    12) Install “wp clean fix”. Run all the cleaning options except for any posts or pages you want to keep backups of. The clean install of everything will enable this plugin to better find what should not be there in your database you just restored and give you the options to remove it or not. Read any warning that may pop up during a cleaning to make sure you are not cleaning something where you will lose something. If you do by accident all you need to do here is one thing to get it back Restore Data base and everything you just cleaned with this plugin is back in again.

    This plugins just deals with the data base, nothing else. So data base restore fixes anything that this plugin does you did not like. And that is just a one step procedure.

    Now why do it this way? 2 things.

    1) You are removing everything that any other plugin may have left behind. Not everything is removed when you delete plugins. Some plugins leave things. And if you do a lot of experimenting like I do, you are constantly trying new things until you find what you want. This procedure in removing all the left behind stuff will speed up your site a little and make it more stable and smooth loading.

    2) When you install everything manually minus the plugins that were recent around the time of the problem. You are actually installing what was in the directory but a fresh install of directory. Same thing goes for the themes. They will be fresh installs as well.

    Doing it this way cleans up your code too. Some plugins leave stuff in your codes files and headers in different places on your website. This procedure will clean that out.

    **Note keep the old backup that had the problems for a few weeks just to be sure. Backup everything with the fresh install (after this fix) before you do any changes and make a note that this is the fresh install backup. If everything works out, delete and replace with new backup. This way you never accidentally put the problem backup back in and end up having to do all this again.

    Reinstall, deactivate, clear all cache, then delete. If you have security plugin disable it. before deletion. Should fix it. You may have to disable the cache as well as clear it.

    If you can look in your plugin folder after deletion, do so and make sure the plugin folder has been deleted. Sometimes even though it says delete, it does not delete.

    So falcon cache on caches the html? Okay if that is so then do I need a fast cdn to serve up the rest?

    When I look in cache stats this is what it says: Total files in cache: 10
    Total directories in cache: 5
    Total data: 2415KB
    Largest file: 510KB
    Oldest file in cache created 13 mins ago.
    Newest file in cache created 7 mins ago.

    I use a plugin that gets status updates from FaceBook pages and posts them on the page. Maybe you’d get a better idea by looking at it. Maybe wordfence does not cache the FB feeds?



    To add to this. I could not get my page loads below 10 seconds because of all the data I had in the widgets that were loading Face Book information from 5 FB pages. Now it loads in 6 seconds. Almost a 50% gain in speed.

    Hi, I was just looking in my site control panel and noticed something strange concerning 404 errors and your ultimate tiny mce. This is what it says:


    401 error hits


    Is this someone trying to hack my blog through the plugin?

    It should be yoursite/wp-login.php If you installed WP into a folder then it will be yousite/foldername/wp-login.php

    If that does not work, which happened to mine once. I can tell you how to find a back-door login page that will accept your current admin name and password. That is if you have access to your Cpanel controls (own your own hosting package).

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