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  • @shreejanakc thank you for your feedback and input.

    however, this is not the actual problem.
    the description have been left away on purpose, thus it is empty.
    Nonetheless, the pages already contain content. Unfortunately, the content is not shown.
    No content is shown on the slider, about us, services, portfolio widgets.

    Yesterday i figured out, that a excerpt is showing (as you can currently see on the slider and on the about us section). However this is not the actual content of the page itself, it is only the excerpt. the content of the pages itself are not displaying no matter what i do or change.

    Do you have any idea where the issue comes from and how to solve this particular issue?

    Thank you very much for your response.

    All the best,

    @shreejanakc Thank you very much for your respone.

    I will try the page builder plugin to do so and will give you a review / feedback of whether and how it worked.

    best regards,

    Hi guys
    Happy New Year!
    Thank you very much for your classy support and great conversation on this post! I am also a css newbie and thus have not much experience in css. Could you possibly help me with some settings and customization? I’d be really grateful!

    I use the following site:

    I have already customized the menu bar with the following css:

    .transparent .header-wrapper, .non-transparent .header-wrapper {
    background: #ffffff none repeat scroll 0 0;

    #site-navigation .menu li a {
    color: #000000;

    #site-navigation .menu li a {font-size:18px ; font-weight: bold ; }

    .transparent .header-wrapper.stick, .non-transparent .header-wrapper.stick {
    background: white none repeat scroll 0 0;

    .header-wrapper.stick #site-navigation .menu li a, #site-navigation .menu li a {
    color: black;

    However, when i visit the website on my cellphone or the a tablet, the font menu turns white and is not visible anymore (more precisely the menu icon on the mobile view). Do you know a solution? Maybe it is possible to manually select the mobile view menu and force the font color. Maybe you have another idea 🙂

    Second, i would like to style up the “gallery”/”portfolio” style (called “Detektiv-Ausbildung” on my website). Currently it is display as a image gallery with title, text, image enlarge button and functionality, and view page button. Furthermore, it is aligned in a 4 items view (on my resolution mac book – certainly different on bigger screens).
    1) First of all, i would like to remove the image enlarge button and functionality, view page button and the text (under the title), so only the title will be displayed when hovering over an item. Do you know the custom code for that functionality?
    2) Second, i would like to have more space between the items (gallery / portfolio) and maybe switch to a 2 items or 3 items grid display. Currently the items are all squeezed next to each other, however it would be nicer if they would be standing by themselves and would have more space between them. Is this possible and do you know how to tackle that issue? As far as i could tell, @antaeusgr did some similar at his website.
    3) Third, i would like to add another, a second, “gallery”/”portfolio” which displays different items then the one above, resp. before. This means, that i can display different items to different services. E.g. “gallery”/”portfolio” 1 called “Education” – displays 3 offerings, “gallery”/”portfolio 2 called “workshops” – displays 6 workshops available.
    Since the Himalayas theme uses single pages with a page setting as portfolio, it might be possible to define a different portfolios and allocate pages by a page attribute to one of the portfolios?
    Do you have an idea of how this could be done?

    Thank you very much for all your help in advance!
    A great start into the new year



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