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  • Thanks Keesiemeijer;

    It really was as simple as that. Amazing!

    Hi ConfuzzledDuck;

    I am having 0.7 installed and that works fine. Amazing plugin and I love it. Thanks for letting me have an older copy. Much appreciated.


    Hello ConfuzzledDuck;

    Thanks for giving me version 0.7. I am back in business. Although now it says this in the plugin config screen:

    Authentication: unknown.
    Remote API: unknown.

    But it works!

    Thanks. Hope you can find what’s causing 0.8 to stop functioning.


    hi ConfuzzledDuck;

    Thanks for the response. here’s what is says in the configuration option of the plugin.

    Authentication: OK.
    Remote API: WordPress 3.5.1.

    It says the same for all 3 domain names I added to the configuration.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and reconfiguring but still the plugin does not work. It does not transfer over any posts I write from my main site to the sites configured in Syndicate Out.

    Having Syndicate Out version 0.8 and all sites operate on WP 3.5.1



    frustrating; was working so well till I upgraded to 0.8, now nothing works. I now have to manually update 4 independent blog sites. AAAhhhh.

    Why fix things when they ain’t broke?

    Oh well, looking for another solution to update websites with articles I post on my main site.

    Anyone knows of a program that does this other ‘syndicate out’?




    your sidebar width is controlled by style.css.

    Click on Appearance -> Editor
    Pick ‘sidebar.php’ from the right column list of files and click on it to open it.
    Look for the sentence “<div class=”sidebar”>”,that tells you what CSS variable is being used to configure your sidebar
    Close the file and click on style.css at the very bottom of the right hand column.
    Look for the variable ‘.sidebar’ and check the ‘width:’ setting.
    Change that setting to a bigger number and save the file.


    PS. if you only have one sidebar than sidebar.php is the default program. if however you have more than one sidebar the syntax will be ‘sidebar1.php’, ‘sidebar2.php’ etc.

    The same steps apply though.

    Good luck



    I am not here to badmouth anyone just stating facts from personal experience. 18 months ago I decided to get serious with an internet business. I already had a domain name registered with a site hosted on hostgator using their ‘baby gator’ package.

    Before long I started getting server errors several times a day, even though I had less than 500 visitors per day. I was told to install a cache plugin, the tech I spoke with recommended W3 total cache.

    Not long after that same prob all over again. Now I was told that W3 total cache wasn’t really ‘all that ‘ and I should try Super Cache instead.

    That worked for a while. I increased my monthly visitors to about 1,200 and boom same thing. Then hostgator told me I needed to upgrade to a VPs server because I was using too much bandwidth. I did (and paid the extra monthly fee – of course).

    That worked for a little while and once again I got internal server errors. Then a hostgator tech told me I should install a server caching module. I agreed and paid them $35 to have that done. That seemed to solve the problem for exactly one week.

    Once again I was told I needed to upgrade my server to VPS II. I did and once again I paid more money.

    Fast forward. I am now operating on VPS 4 server and today I got an ‘internal server error’. I have presently about 5,000 to 6,000 visitors per day with a monthly page view of 4,600,000.

    If it wasn’t that I am scared to death to transfer my domain to another company because I am afraid I won’t have my wordpress platform properly transferred over (I did a lot of custom programming and wrote a ton of articles) I would have dropped hostgator long time ago.

    Again, not badmouthing anyone, just sharing my personal experience with that company. I have trouble shooting emails from them that fill up several shoeboxes were I to print them out. Amazingly what one tech said I needed to do another tech would tell me not to do and so on.

    I wish you good luck. I am still biting my nails every day with hostgator.



    one of two things:

    add ‘/’ at the end:

    if that doesn’t work call your hosting company
    because your domain is configured wrong.

    Hope this helps.

    Best of Luck


    got WP version 3.5.1. Adding custom field option does not work.
    Installed ‘Hotfix’ recommended by Andrew Bartel above, but like Johanhorak, it doesn’t work.

    Still can’t add a custom field. Use an existing field by data I enter gets wiped up when that field gets updated by its associated plugin, so that temp solution is no good.

    Anyone any suggestion on this bug?



    very simple solution:

    use ‘&cat’ followed by your category number.

    first check to see which category the user is archiving using the
    in_category() command.

    then add an if statement to the post query including the category
    numbers preceded by a minus sign to exclude it.

    if ( in_category(‘B’) ) {

    when users use category A you do not need this statement
    since you want to list both categories.

    Hope this helps



    Figured it out:

    my ‘KK Star Ratings’ plugin caused the problem.
    disabled it and now adding tags works fine.

    Does anyone know about a rating plugin other than
    the one above?



    Hello jmleavey,

    No your wp-config.php is not the problem, at least not for your widgets not working. I believe it’s a theme related issue.

    I have the same problem with one of my sites that uses the ‘Twenty Eleven’ theme. When I upgraded that site to 3.5 I can’t edit the widgets anymore.

    Other sites I have that do not use the Twenty eleven theme do not have that problem and editing the widgets works just fine. That’s why I think it is WP3.5 and theme related.

    How to fix that?

    I wish I had the answer, other than picking a different theme and redesigning my entire site layout… (I hope not).

    Anyone else has an answer?



    Here are my five cents worth:

    Even defaulting to ‘Uploaded to this post’ isn’t good enough, unless you have a site with few images. For sites with lots of images this still slows down the WP operation because that option first looks through articles to see if images already exist in that article before showing the user the ‘No Items Find’ Select Files option.

    That is still tedious and time consuming. Why change a good thing?

    If you have a site such as mine that you work with lots of images, the new media feature with WP3.5 is a royal pain, sorry …. but it’s true.

    Give us the old media insert option back … please!!!


    Hi linux4me2,

    thanks for the response. Changing the setting to ‘uploaded to post’ gets rid off the images but still it takes time to show the select files option coz’ what it’s doing now is searching my article for existing images before displaying the screen to allow me to insert an image.

    Frustrating but I’ll live with it, better than how it was. I will try the hack and see what that does.

    Thanks again.



    did that, in fact I have no plugins right now and yet I still have the same problem. I also used the 20-11 theme and still the same thing.
    This happened when I converted from the previous version of WP to the latest version.
    I also installed a brand wp-option table from a brand database I created, still the same thing, my menus in wp admin after logging in are not there.


    Any suggestions at all would be very welcome.

    Thank you so very much

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