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  • Ah, great idea, Jake! Thanks very much. Will test that out.

    Hello RK,

    He does not have WooCommerce set to do automatic updates. And we are curious why it is regenerating thumbnails at all. A product created 2 years ago, left untouched, should not have to have anything recreated by the system behind the scenes, right?

    SOLVED my own question. Just discovered the toggle under Screen Options. Glad to have it back!

    Hi 404 Page developers,

    Just letting you know that as of 10/9/17, some of my customers using WordFence are getting a warning that your 404 plugin may not be safe as it hasn’t been updated in 2 years. I found your post above that you’d bump up the version but it seems WordFence still isn’t liking it. Anything else you can do to help assure my customers that it’s safe? I anticipate about 50 messages or more – help! Thanks!

    Just ran into this issue as well with a customer. After much troubleshooting and reading all the tips above, she switched from IE to Edge and the problem went away (her Visual Editor returned). We then learned that WordPress isn’t really supporting IE use anymore. Thought I’d pass this on in case it helps someone else!



    Hi Bradvin,

    Thanks again for continuing to thing about this issue. I installed your download above on a test site from scratch and am still experiencing the same odd issues. Here are details of what I did.

    After installing the plugin from the link above, I created a brand new gallery on a different test site.

    Inside the Foo Gallery edit page, I click on the “i” icon on top of the image to access the image editing section so I coul create a new thumbnail crop.
    That took me to a Media Library tab and on the right, I clicked on Edit Image.

    On the next screen labeled Edit Media, under Image Crop on the right, I set aspect ratio (1 : 1) and tried to make the selection be 225 x 225 but the selection fields were grayed out.

    Under Thumbnail settings – Apply changes to thumbnail = yes.

    I clicked the gray crop icon.
    Tried to drag inside photo to select new thumbnail region.
    Clicked gray crop icon again. Nothing happens.
    Image is not constrained to a square, either.
    Then “NaN” appears in the Selection fields.

    (This is not unique to your new plugin version – happens to me consistently)

    I clicked Cancel.
    Then clicked Edit image below image to start over.

    I tried to redo the thumbnail image. This time clicking crop icon second time to confirm worked.
    Clicked Update to save.

    Go back to the actual gallery page and refresh. The new cropped thumbnail isn’t appearing on the actual page.
    Go back to Foo Settings and click Clear Gallery HTML cache.
    Go back to Gallery in edit mode.

    Click the “i” icon on image whose thumbnail I want to change.
    Click Edit Image on the right.
    Re-select new crop region.
    get “Selection: NaN x Nan” error in box.
    Click Cancel.

    Click Edit Image under image.
    Try again.
    This time cropping works, click Update to save.

    Refresh gallery page. New cropped thumbnail is still not appearing on the actual page.
    Go back to Gallery. New cropped thumb is not appearing on the main Edit Gallery page either.

    Finally, I went to the Media Library directly to edit the image instead of clicking on the image inside Foo Gallery’s edit gallery page.
    I created a new cropped thumbnail, saved it. Refreshed the gallery page. It still isn’t appearing.
    Went back to open the gallery in edit mode – new crop IS appearing there. But the browser won’t display it on the actual page.

    Here’s a link to the test page/gallery. If you want login credentials you can contact me directly for them.



    Hi Bradvin – I’ll try that version later today and let you know how it goes. Thanks! If it doesn’t work, I’ll post a link to the test gallery for you.



    Hi Bradvin,

    Thanks for thinking about this some more! I just checked, and none of the retina settings have ever been selected …




    Oh okay – I didn’t realize that I was actually looking at WordPress functionality re: these crops. Since I accessed that page via the FooGallery itself, I assumed it was Foo’s screen.

    Right, my FooGallery is set to 225 x 225 and that matches the WP Media Thumbnails settings. When I can get the crop to work, I can see the new custom crop in the backend and in the FooGallery edit mode, but when I refresh the browser (and have tried several browsers, several OS’s and several different computers, even one out of state), it doesn’t seem to pull in the new cropped image.

    So it seems like there are 2 issues – one is the flaky behavior of creating the crops and two is that when it does work, Foo or something isn’t letting me see it on the actual page.



    Hi @bradvin,

    Thanks for your input. I tried as you suggested, but it didn’t work.

    My Settings > Media was set to 225 x 225 proportional images. I changed the Foo thumbnail settings to “use original thumbnails” as you suggested. And then once inside an image in edit mode, I tried changing the Image Crop Selection to 225 x 225 but there are a few issues:

    1. It seems I have to set an Aspect Ratio first. I did that (1:1).
    2. I cannot always get the Selection fields to be active. Sometimes you have to go to Thumbnail Settings: Apply changes to Thumbnail and select that radio button first, then click on the image itself, and then sometimes Selection fields are active. Other times I see “NaN” in each selection field.
    3. Holding down shift and/or Control doesn’t always constrain it to a square, but sometimes it does.
    4. The crop tool isn’t always active to confirm the new crop especially when “NaN” appears in the Selection fields.

    Is there a proper sequence of events to perform these custom crops that maybe I’m just not touching upon?

    I’m having the same issue, Peoy. I assumed it was my theme (Dynamik) because when I switched to the Woo Storefront theme, the thumbs were small but spaced apart better. Your issue is identical to mine. On a few of my sites, we had those product gallery images setup spaced nicely, 3 columns and now there are magically 4 in a row mashed together. Because I didn’t write custom CSS to define the first layout and those pics just magically displayed nicely, I am not sure what happened during our upgrades. It’s either a Woo thing or a theme thing. I have a ticket in to my child theme developers but am relieved to see someone else is experiencing the same issue.

    I noticed the same issue when I upgraded Woo on a test site. I had the code above in place on several sites and it no longer seems to work.

    I found this code on a forum that does seem to work:

    remove_action( ‘woocommerce_after_single_product_summary’, ‘woocommerce_output_related_products’, 20 );

    Hi Cais,

    Here’s a link to one of the gallery pages. I’m now wondering if it’s a Media Temple cacheing issue. I cannot determine based on the limited control panel they give me (i.e., none) if cacheing is taking place, but there is a link at the top of the screen to flush the Media Temple cache. When I do that, and empty the NextGEN cache, and refresh a few times, now the custom cropped images appear fairly regularly. Still seems a little buggy. But because this isn’t happening for me on another site with another host, I’m thinking now it has to be something they’re doing.

    I may have just resolved this issue on my site, so thought I’d post what steps I took to do so for the benefit of others coming across this thread. In my site’s Media settings, the thumbnails were set to 200 pixels. Inside Foo Gallery, I want them to be 250 pixels. I changed the Media default to be 250 as well, and then recreated the galley and the thumbnail quality is now pretty good. It seems like the WordPress default size was what was being used as the thumbnail size and then perhaps Foo Gallery was enlarging them up to 250. Hope this helps anyone else…

    I’m having the same issue and am also using the dev version of the plugin with thumbnails set to 100% quality. FooGallery used to create perfect thumbnails. Help!

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