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  • Hognose


    Please consider adding a way to sync the zero date of the data displayed so that we can start a year at 1/1 12:01 and a month at the first of the month.

    An arbitrary year start would be advantageous to people who use a fiscal year in their reporting, too.

    I don’t know how much work this would be for you, but think I would not be the exclusive beneficiary.

    No idea here on how to export the table and do anything with it, or how to query the database through phpMyAdmin. Too much work and too much risk for someone who’s just a blogger, I’m afraid.

    Thank you for your response, regardless.



    Thank you for responding, Mika. I haven’t run the php to verify the version, but I’m hosted by GoDaddy, and they say that ImageMagick (is that what you mean?) is provided on their servers. Google searches for imagick find ImageMagick related pages, so I’m *guessing* (and we know what that’s worth…) that they’re the same thing.

    *Assuming* (there we go again) that ImageMagick is the element of concern, I’ll figure out what it takes to run the php and determine the exact version. Doesn’t look like rocket surgery.

    One more data point… while the “will not post” thing is intermittent, Safari seems more likely to fail than Firefox.

    I hate running plugins but I’ve started to look for an image plugin that did what the old media loader did. I can work around the spotty uploading for now, and live with the usability insult of having several extra clicks and large mouse movements that weren’t there before, but need a way around the brain-damaged handling of click on thumbnail or midsize image (which used to open whole image, now opens thumbnail or midsize in a page of its own).

    The problems I’m having are completely different from those Peckerpac describes. Only the dissatisfaction with 3.5 is the same!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)