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  • It seems to be a PHP & mySQL & Zend versions cocktail issue:

    It should anyway be announced by the WordPress team next to the new WP version download link. And doublecheck this issue for the following WP updates.

    You may try upgrading your PHP, mySQL & Zend Optimizer in order to bring your blog back to work.

    Similar issues with fresh installations of WP2.2.

    Please, check

    Again. v2.2 fresh install and get the same error. It runs ok in localhost (Apache/2.0.55 (Win32) PHP/4.3.10) but not on production server (Apache v.? (i686-redhat-linux) PHP/4.3.9)

    JS errors in ‘Write’ (post/page) & ‘Manage’ sections:

    Error: tinyMCE is not defined
    Source File: wp-admin/post-new.php
    Line: 191

    Error: edToolbar is not defined
    Source File: wp-admin/post-new.php
    Line: 154

    PHP errors in ‘Errors&Users’:

    Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /var/www/vhost/ on line 55

    $this->first_user = ($this->page - 1) * ($this->users_per_page);

    This is the
    /home/fusionrain/blog/wp-admin/users.php on line 55
    giving the error.

    I’ve doublechecked the syntax but it seems allright.

    Any idea?
    Should we open a bug?

    Thank you for any advice,

    Me again. I develop my projects in localhost and then upload them to my host, copying the files and exporting the DB.

    The default language for the contents is Spanish (not the WP distro, that remains in English). I found some people with this very same problem are Germans. Could it be a character encoding problem, when exporting the DB?

    Just guessing. Not much time now to look for a solution. 🙁 Maybe in a few days time.

    Same problem. 🙁

    Plus in ‘Your Profile’ tab I get all empty fields automatically filled up with ‘Array’ (obviously an error calling the variable)

    Not much found in Google yet, but some other users are having the same problem. A buggy WP2.2 version?

    I have the very same problem. No access at all to my admin area with none of the two users I had (‘admin’ and ‘author’).

    In my case the problem came out when (for security matters) I changed the prefix to all the table names in the WP database, and the ‘$table_prefix’ variable value in wp-config.php accordingly.

    From that very moment I LOST ALL ACCESS to the admin area and I’m now totally stuck with it.

    I tried all the changes read in this post (pluggable.php, wp-ajax-js.php, disable javascript, double-check user values in mysql database,…) with no luck.

    I’ve followed the opened bugs as well and 🙁 sad, no clue.

    I think I’ll reinstall the lot and work on it again but I’m sure there’d be a explanation plus a solution to this issue , that should be rated as ‘major severity bug’.

    Thanx in advance for any reply,

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    Me too after reputation / karma / rating plugin i order to build a proper social managed site.

    Any news & suggestions are welcome. Thanx,

    I do not want to ‘revive old stormy years’ 🙂 but I arrived here after doing some search about security and found the thread both funny and interesting.

    I think both positions are pretty clear and of course, I’ve mine:
    If I had any valuable goods at home (not the case 🙁 ) I would first buy a good security door and a good lock system. But take for granted I wouldn’t be shouting out the address where I live at.

    Secure + hidden = secure + x

    (IMHO) Determining the value of ‘x’ should be the target of a discussion trying to get any clues.

    Have a good day,

    (I think someone mentioned it above: some other opensource web apps offer the ‘folders and database tables renaming’ option. There may be opinions even among experts. Let there be them!)


    I’ve been ‘playing’ with this plugin for the whole day and think I found some extra info + a workaround to issue mentioned above.

    It’s been happening the same to me when I’m logged in and the Subscribe2 page shows me a link to my profile. If I click on this link I get into admin/users/subscripcions and the ‘Cannot redeclare class…’ comes up.

    Reading in forums it seems to be it has something to do with Windows server. I’m not that sure of it but I can’t totally disagree for I’m running my testing server (Apache) under Windows.

    It has nothing to do with the Subscribe2 version as suggested in the same forums, for I have the latest version at the moment of writing: 2.2.4

    After some time reading the plugin code up and down, and double ckecking the links in the pages I found a weird (?, maybe not that strange) way of linking to the ‘User subscription settings’. Then I did 2 changes: one to the way the admin submenu ‘Subscriptions’ linked that page and a second one to the link that appears in the ‘subscription (public) page’ if the visitor is logged in (as a WordPress user), and the problem dissapeared. Colateral killings? I haven’t found one so far.

    The changes:

    1.- at around line 71
    $this->use_profile = __('You may manage your subscription options from ', 'subscribe2') . "your profile.";

    2.- at around line 118
    add_submenu_page('profile.php', __('Subscriptions', 'subscribe2'), __('Subscriptions', 'subscribe2'), "read",basename(__FILE__), array(&$this, 'user_menu'));

    Good luck and have a good day,
    hip –

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    I just had the same issue and found a solution. The latest versions of Subscribe2 are missing the following lines (for localization matters):

    //4tres - locale
    $domain = 'subscribe2';
    $locale = get_locale();
    $mofile = ABSPATH . "wp-content/plugins/$domain-$";
    load_plugin_textdomain($domain, $mofile);

    Place them at the top (not necessarily at the very top) of the plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php file

    Then you have to place the ‘mo’ file within your plugins directory.

    Because I had to write mine I downloaded a ‘po’ file in spanish (any language will do) from

    Then installed poEdit from , opened the subscribe2-es_ES.po, modified (translated) it, saved as subscribe-fr_FR.po, for I wanted to translate it into french. Make sure you saved both the ‘po’ and the compiled ‘mo’. This last is the file to place in your plugins directory.

    Finally remember that it will take the language_country identification from your main wp-config.php file at the WordPress root folder.

    Luck and have a good day,
    hip –


    If you want to get just the number of post as per-category you may use the following function at

    Have a good day,


    you may try the following function at

    Have a good day,

    Hi snetman,

    I’ve just posted something that may get your ‘Y’ (total number of posts for a single category). It’s at

    (To get your ‘X’ (ordinal for a single post within its category) you may improve the function querying the mySQL DB for the position of the required post in a list of posts ordered by date.)

    Have a good day,

    Hi daltonrooney,

    I’ve just posted what may be a solution to your q.

    Have a good day,

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