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  • Hi Matt,

    Thank you for checking on this. In PayPal, if you go to “My Profile” -> “My Selling Tools” -> “Website Preferences” -> “Encrypted Website Payments”. I had this feature turned on. I’m not sure if I need to have this turned on. Is this only used when you put a PayPal button on a page? I turned it off and did a test of sending $1.00. It went through and completed successfully. When it was getting the error, it had a “return to merchant” button on the error screen. When I click that, and it goes back to my site, I get the Donation Success page. Is there a way to reflect the error, or does that happen only with transaction errors?

    Thank you

    Encrypted Website Payments
    Using encryption enhances the security of website payments by decreasing the possibility that a 3rd party could manipulate the data in your button code. If you plan on only using encrypted buttons, you can block payments from non-encrypted ones.
    Learn more about Encrypted Website Payments
    Note: If you enable Encrypted Website Payments, all of your Buy Now, Donations, and Subscriptions buttons must be encrypted via one of the following methods:
    • Using the Button Factor.» with the security settings enabled.
    • Using your code, you encrypt all website payments before sending them to PayPal.
    By enabling this feature, any Buy Now, Donation, or Subscription button that is not encrypted will be rejected by PayPal.

    Hi @ivanatanasov and @webdevmattcrom

    Thank you for your input on this. I thought I had posted in the correct place.

    Matt, As an update, one of the sites that I installed Give on actually completed the db update. It took a while, but it went through successfully. The other site is a concept site I’m working on and I’ll try your suggestions.

    Yes, the 5-star rating was intended. 🙂 Thank you to you and to your team for all the work you have put into this plugin.

    @cshak I’m going on the assumption that your offline donations are not in your Give database. If you have or can get your offline donation data in a CSV format you should be able to import them into Give.

    @jmrd27 I just tried your suggestion. It worked like a BOSS! Thank you for posting the fix.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)