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  • Harm10


    Thanks for the links. Care to explain why Enigma is suspended? Will it return?

    Anyway I installed 6.0.5 on my single test site. Problems were the same. Console log showed error for a plug-in called Gutentor that was installed alongside another theme I tested once. I switched it off to find Enigma theme working properly including auto blog.
    Then I put my own version copied from my problem site in there to see that it remained working.
    So I am sure there is something interfering on the problem site as well. I will investigate further and report back.



    I tried setting up a copied version on a single test site. Portfolio, Blog section and Footer call out are all not working! (only headers show)
    So I deleted the copied theme and tried downloading it afresh from WordPress…… but it isn’t there? Did you cancel it on WP themes?

    BTW Your demo site is an insecure URL. You do not get a lot of warnings then especially about the strict mode I see a lot on my site.
    And you should update your copyright statement there….. 🙂

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    This link is a fake link because it concerns my test site which is not accessible from the net.
    Did you look into the minify message?
    And the deprecated warnings?
    And do you see that console message (wl_caroufredsel: Set a width for the items!) too about the width?

    I was on version 6.0.4 but upgrading to 6.0.5 did not help.
    The blog slider is shown but not sliding. The navigation icons are not visible either.
    I now noticed that the footer is also gone.

    I should add that I am on PHP 7.4 and on a multi site WordPress installation.

    In the log is an older notice
    Undefined variable: animate_slider
    line 1955 of /wp-content/themes/enigma/customizer.php

    If you cannot reproduce this I have to install this theme into a single site and give you access.

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    I watched the complete video and it proofs my point entirely!
    For the Home page to display your sliders etc like you specify in your settings you need to create a new page (in the instruction this is called Home) assign Home template to it and after importing your settings you get back your initial Home page which has not the content of that newly created page called Home.
    But while doing so you have created a page that is used nowhere.
    But if you search on text “Home” you will find this page and can display it as a normal page. This page has no content whatsoever and is not really part of your written content!

    So you are misusing the rule that you need to be able to set a static page by assigning it Home template resulting in NOT displaying that page as Home page.
    If you would have taken the bother to add this page’s id to the filter action in search then all changes would be fine!

    BTW what happens if you assign Home template to more than one page?

    @weblizar I think you do not get the message. WPORG’s policy is that you need to have an option to display a STATIC page as your home page. The way you have implemented this in theme Enigma has nothing to do with this policy. Although you can now set a static page in the theme’s settings this page does not display at all on your home page if you use the Home template like you to do to keep your settings. That is what I am pointing out.

    @weblizar I can do this hiding myself and I will do that (as you force me to do that by designing this change). Perhaps you should look yourself for suitable developers on that site? 🙂

    @bestwebsoft Will you incorporate this solution of Sphere PLugins?

    @weblizar Kindly read the last line in that linked page: “Connect to your site home page: you should now see the Page you selected.”
    The way you incorporated it in the theme has totally nothing to do with that line……

    If you decide to leave it at this I am forced to add my own filter action to suppress the page attached to the home template from search actions.

    I fail to see what the use of the page which is attached to home template is.
    It has no effect on the lay-out of the front page whatsoever. After I specified the page in the customizer I can even set it to Concept and the theme remains working.
    Setting it to concept afterwards has the effect that you cannot find it through search any more.

    You cannot just say to your users that this is WP rule and lay back. If you want a page to be attached to home template to make it work but do not do anything with the content that people put in that page then this is plain bad service. It is quite easy to influence by specifying your own action filter. So why don’t you do that in your theme for the attached page to home template?

    BTW I noticed that the translation for the Read more button on the slider does no longer work either. Still some work to do I think……. 🙂

    I already supplied you previously with the link of my live site (which is not yet updated!): Live site

    This site’s home page is shown by setting it to Latest Posts as you needed to do in old theme.
    For the upgraded theme I needed to create a new Page called Home when following the instructions.
    This page has no real content and I used this one in the theme configuration instead of Latest Posts to get to the same lay-out as my live site.
    So far so good. But this fake page called Home is not visible on the home page (which is good!) of my test site but can be found through Search. This page should be hidden!
    Why did I needed to create this page anyway? Couldn’t I have set another real page with content as Home page and still get the same lay-out?
    So it is not related to the lay-out of theme’s home page but the fact that someone can find this fake page through search.

    I installed the Development version and the log message has disappeared.
    Thanks for fixing it!

    As I wrote in my last post:
    “If I look at your latest change log (version 1.11.11) it says
    Fixed deprecated functions on PHP 7.4
    So perhaps it is already fixed?”

    This combined with your last post leads me to the conclusion that this is already fixed.

    I updated the plug-in and now the child’s theme is working in it’s current state.
    I needed to redo the import btw.

    I will add my own additions to do a final test.
    I also updated the other multi site.
    It is quite annoying that you have to do the import twice! Once for the main theme and once for the child’s theme. Can’t this be circumvented?

    Having my home page working again I have another problem with this.
    The creation of this kind of dummy page means that when you do a search on “Home” one of the results is this dummy page. I don’t want this! What is the best way to “hide” this newly created dummy Home page?

    How would I know this? These messages were just in my debog.log.

    This message just points out that the code is using curly brackets ({}) for array access which will no longer be valid in future PHP releases.

    If I look at your latest change log (version 1.11.11) it says
    Fixed deprecated functions on PHP 7.4
    So perhaps it is already fixed?
    (I do not see those messages in my current log at the moment)

    I am on 2.81 and have this message twice:
    class-mla-data-query.php on line 555
    class-mla-data.php on line 3985

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