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  • guidobras


    Probably this plugin is not supported anymore.

    Anyway I managed to disable zomm when scrolling editing this file:

    In that file line 27 is
    var map = new mapboxgl.Map(mapStyle);

    added after that line

    I have a special usage case:
    – the images are uploaded in wp @ high res (4k or more)
    – there are custom image sizes defined in wordpress
    – for lightbox I’m currently using “large” size but I’d prefer a slightly bigger version, without relying on srcset/client-browser or resorting to the killer full-res

    Hi Jordy,
    I’m using do_shortcode and is working well.

    If you coud add that globally available function, it would be really excellent.

    Thank you very much

    Many thanks Jordy

    I’ve already noticed that setting and I’m actually using it.

    But In my theme I have defined *custom image sizes* that do not appear in the settings of the plugin (only wordpress default image sizes are listed, plus serset).

    I’d need to choose my custom image size for lightbox.
    Is there any workaround to that?

    I’m working in php with a custom theme, so no problem if some shortcode or code level work in my theme is required.

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    The custom widget is inside a dir:


    Yes, I uploaded some current widgets to that directory, but I could not find “the widget appearance selection box” to check for the asterisk you mentioned. Where is that selection box supposed to appear?

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    I’m a bit confused by the “full version” concept.

    A few days ago I was given this website to mantain, and it had transposh plugin v installed. As part of a normal maintenance plan, using wordpress (.org) update I updated the plugin to the latest version available, as a result now I have

    Am I on the full version now? I think so, because of the .1 at the end.

    Should I reinstall after downloading it from the transposh website?
    If so it’s very important for me to preserve existing settings and translations.

    As for the webserver setup it looks fine:
    the uploads/transposh/widget dir is owned by the webserver user and has 0755 permissions
    if I put a test file in the same dir of my custom widget, I can see it using a web browser on a client.

    Thanks again

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    I’m sorry but my custom widget is not loaded when I save it in the directory:
    the default widget appears instead.

    It works perfectly when I save it in
    Unfortunately it is not protected from updates there.

    I’ve named the widget file “tpw_list_with_iso_codes.php”

    This is the line of code that calls the custom widget in my theme (the above php file is placed inside the “iso_codes” dir)
    if(function_exists("transposh_widget")) { transposh_widget(array(), array('title' => '', 'widget_file' => 'iso_codes/tpw_list_with_iso_codes.php'));}?>

    This is the content of the file

      Plugin Name: List with iso codes
      Plugin URI:
      Description: Widget with languages ISO codes
      Author: GB
      Version: 1.0
      Author URI:
     * Transposh v1.0.4.1
     * Copyright 2018, Team Transposh
     * Licensed under the GPL Version 2 or higher.
     * Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2018 13:56:20 +0200
    class tpw_list_with_iso_codes extends transposh_base_widget {
       * Creates the list of iso codes
       * @global transposh_plugin $my_transposh_plugin
       * @param array $args -
      static function tp_widget_do($args) {
          echo "<div class=\"" . NO_TRANSLATE_CLASS . " transposh_iso_codes\" >";
          echo "<ul>";
          foreach ($args as $langrecord) {
              echo "<li> <a href=\"{$langrecord['url']}\"" . ($langrecord['active'] ? ' class="tr_active"' : '' ) . '>' . 
              "{$langrecord['isocode']} </a> </li>";
          echo "</ul>";
          echo "</div>";

    Please do you see anything wrong in my code or setup?

    Many thanks

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    • This reply was modified 8 months, 3 weeks ago by guidobras.

    Many thanks Ofer

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