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  • 🙂 Yes, of course, otherwise it would be pretty dumb.

    @gil-2 to provide information to help you narrow down your findings, my PHP version is 7.2.3 – good luck.

    I understand, I already went ahead and replaced with a very lightweight, fast and stable solution that is very efficiently designed and unrestricted.

    I guess I needed the push, since switching solutions is not something fun and having used something for a while that works, you tend to let it go; but this was too much effort to spend the time and no upshot. Specially that you don’t see a problem on your end that on our end is tied directly to your last update. So either your installation is more forgiving or much more narrowly configured.

    Either way thank you but I don’t have the time or energy to debug this or spend more time on it. But do me a favor and when you find out (which you will I am sure of it) what broke, please be kind enough to post it here so I get notified, so at least I know; assuming you acknowledge it publicly of course. Take care.

    I am sorry but the amount of effort to debug a plugin that should just work is not something I am willing to invest my time, energy and resources in.

    This has always been more problem than it is worth and it is bloated for what it needs to do and the limitations to push for premium has always been a bit excessive and petty.

    So I just need to find a more stable, streamlined and lightweight solution that doesn’t break so easily and require this much effort to be resolved. If you ever do figure it out, be sure to let me know; because I suspect this is something you guys are failing to catch because you are not looking for it or testing it right, so it will come up again I am sure.

    A place to start might be what you did in the last few updates that didn’t break in your dev environment but maybe looks to narrowly which ignores other systems where it can break it, since it was working before the last two updates. Nothing changed on our end, just yours.


    I don’t feel comfortable providing all that access, private or otherwise. The errors are pretty explicit as to what is happening (or not happening) and should be more than sufficient to audit the code to see what might be causing it. Even if it works in your dev environment which doesn’t reflect all the real world installations of the plugins, it doesn’t preclude an issue that you didn’t consider on your end.

    I now have to look for an alternative, there was too many restrictions and push for premium anyway, this might be the final straw we needed to find another solution. Thanks.

    Here’s an update. I did as you suggested and it said Additional fonts were loaded successfully. and the file then disappears from the upload folder, so it seems to have processed it, however the error persists:

    Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /content/plugins/pdf-print/mpdf/mpdf.php on line 30650
    Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /content/plugins/pdf-print/mpdf/mpdf.php on line 30650
    Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /content/plugins/pdf-print/mpdf/mpdf.php on line 30650
    Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /content/plugins/pdf-print/mpdf/mpdf.php on line 30650
    Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /content/plugins/pdf-print/mpdf/mpdf.php on line 30650
    Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /content/plugins/pdf-print/mpdf/mpdf.php on line 30650
    Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /content/plugins/pdf-print/mpdf/mpdf.php on line 30650
    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /content/plugins/pdf-print/mpdf/mpdf.php:30650) in /content/plugins/pdf-print/mpdf/mpdf.php on line 9420
    Fatal error: Uncaught MpdfException: Some data has already been output to browser, can't send PDF file in /content/plugins/pdf-print/mpdf/mpdf.php:9422 Stack trace: #0 /content/plugins/pdf-print/pdf-print.php(1030): mPDF->Output('', 'D') #1 /wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(286): pdfprnt_print(Object(WP)) #2 /wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(310): WP_Hook->apply_filters(NULL, Array) #3 /wp-includes/plugin.php(515): WP_Hook->do_action(Array) #4 /wp-includes/class-wp.php(726): do_action_ref_array('wp', Array) #5 /wp-includes/functions.php(960): WP->main('') #6 /wp-blog-header.php(16): wp() #7 /index.php(17): require('') #8 {main} thrown in /content/plugins/pdf-print/mpdf/mpdf.php on line 9422

    So what do we do next? It seems to be having bad values and throwing an error in the library file. Please advise.

    Ok, will do but a couple of questions:

    1. There is already a /pdf-print-fonts/ in the uploads directory, does this not contain the fonts needed?
    2. Why doesn’t the plugin properly load the files and need the manual operation? Is the package needed not embedded in the setup?


    For example, the offending addition is this:

    // Convert forward slash to hyphen
    $title = str_replace( '/', '-', $title );

    which was added on line 2003 of the includes\formatting.php file.

    This is hardcoded into the function with no way to override it without rewrite of the whole sanitize_title_with_dashes function. Am I wrong here? Do you see a way to replace this line of code without redoing the whole function? If so, I would appreciate the assist, if not then you see my dilemma. At this point, the only solution I see is modifying the formatting.php file and removing that line.

    I agree, unfortunately changing the core files is not favorable given that they can easily be replaced in future updates. Creating a plugin for everything seems an inefficient way to go given that they can break things due to even the slightest oversight. I suppose changing the function file is the least intrusive but I wish there was a way to simply modify the behavior with a filter option and be done with it, like removing the wordpress version which I have already done, but I guess even that involves some degree of modification to the function file as mentioned. The problem is modifying the behavior in such a way that doesn’t break core functionality because changing character substitution is not a granular thing, so that means you have to effectively rewrite that whole function and of course that could pose errors in itself. Sigh.

    Last comment was funny, even though I feel it was a bit of a dig, but I can appreciate the ribbing as much as the next guy, so thanks. Let me know what you find when you discover the solution whilst testing 🙂

    I appreciate your reply and yes I am aware of that. However, it is not efficient or proper to create a ton of tiny little plugins to address each nuisance or even one big one which can at any point break itself due to code changes, there has to be a more productive way to address things than that.



    Seriously? Almost a month later and not a single person on the WP development team thought this is something they should care about and look into? Wow, very disappointed.

    I should note, the “update” I refer to is not on the same profile that was used before, it is a clean install on Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) 1703 – with the previous 32 bit Firefox 53 completely removed and the profile now is a clean install, so no leftovers from before, so wanted to make sure you knew that. It is not a dirty update that might have artifacts causing this, to be clear. Thanks.

    This matter is not resolved but given the lack of any competent response, I vote to have it closed as well.

    Then you should write a patch (or get someone else to do so) and submit it to me for inclusion in a future release.

    I really don’t understand the hostility and lack professional conduct here. I know you are self admittedly homeless and do what you want when you want but you are either serious about the credibility of what you do or you are not; being dismissive and rude is hardly a mature response.

    You should consider filing a complaint with Tumblr. I have done that many times. I have a feeling I am probably more familiar with Tumblr’s technical shortcomings than you are. Complaining to me about Tumblr’s fascistic API does neither of us any good. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Again, their “fascist” API didn’t make you force mirror using your extension when it is not necessary or offer an option to not do it and causing issues that require accommodation. That was YOUR choice. You probably are more familiar with it, because you chose to be, no one forced you to do it; but to say because you have, somehow you get to be dismissive shows low moral character since we are being blunt apparently and you don’t seem to favor civility of intelligent discussion.

    I disagree and have no intention of spending any more of my time debating why with you or anyone else.

    Now who is being a fascist? Refusing to have an intelligent discussion where you can explain to those who don’t have mind reading capability as to the reason for the logic chosen. If you can’t explain it, lest defend it, then it shows you already know it is wrong and hiding behind belligerence because your ego can’t handle admitting that it is probably a bad approach.

    That sounds like a personal issue.

    Again, explaining a feature is the basic tenet of a good project, not a personal issue, unless you are referring to yourself.

    That’s right. You decided to let someone else do the work of learning the ins and outs of Tumblr’s system for you. That person happened to be me. I’m sorry you don’t feel like I made the choices that were best for you. If you want something done the way you want it done, maybe you should consider doing it—or paying for it—yourself next time, instead of taking advantage of free software you didn’t write and then dictating how it “should” work for other users while simultaneously admitting you have no real interest in learning more than you care to about the details of how what you choose to use actually works. Food for thought.

    NO, I didn’t let or choose anything, you did. You wrote it, no one asked you to do it and now you are acting high and mighty when someone suggests that things could be done better. I didn’t ask you to customize shit for me, I am saying that there is a better way of approaching it that provides the most flexibility to the user intent without forcing YOUR behavior on everyone. That shows lack of integrity really and maturity to handle constructive input that is being provided at ones own time and expense. Nothing excuses your response or behavior because it shows you lack the temperament to be a developer or even responsible enough to entertain anything that doesn’t fit your view – by the way, the very definition of fascism in case you were wondering. What I said honestly and sincerely, unlike your approach, is that I don’t plan on developing for it so while I know fully the technical workings of it, I don’t need to drill it down to the level of writing logic for it. So please don’t presume to interpret what I mean and try to twist it to fit your tantrum.

    I am sorry that I took the time to give you the respect to discuss this with you and will now move on accordingly and shun any piece of crap you make in the future. You clearly thrive on hostility and feed off negativity and chaos, I have no interest in that. That is probably a reason why you can’t hold down a real job and have to live off good will of others, which you apparently have no interest in earning either. Food for thought.

    Sorry for the delay getting back to you, had to deal with some personal health issues.

    Since Tumblr supports drafts, you can indeed save a draft on both sides of the connection, WordPress and Tumblr. Cross-posting when a draft is being saved on WordPress is intentional. “It is a feature, not a bug.”

    While I appreciate that you have intended it as a feature to cross create drafts on both the site and tumblr, and some may want that; there should really be an option to disable this “feature”. I rather not have a draft mirrored constantly with their servers until I am actually done and publish it.

    This is almost certainly because you have set your post format to something like Image but have provided no image; Tumblr rejects these posts as invalid. You should instead use a default placeholder image if you have none prepared, and then save the draft. This way Tumblr accepts the post and returns a Tumblr post ID back to Tumblr Crosspostr.

    Of course that’s the reason, I already said so. But it is not a feature when you have to add components to the post that are not organic to it just to avoid the hassle of either facing errors or creating placeholders – when the post is developing organically and trying to make accommodations for the shortcomings of tumblr’s system or your intended feature that is not working nicely with their limitations or design.

    Especially in both cases, if you are only sharing excerpts, it really doesn’t need to keep a constant draft mirror with them, it makes no sense from efficiency perspective either.

    The Queue checkbox is used to support the Tumblr Queue feature, which is a publishing feature that WordPress does not share. A “queued” post is something different entirely; it is not a “published” post, not a “scheduled” post, and not a “draft” post.

    I get that, but I just can’t see the use-case where the queue would be separately necessary outside of the already implemented, publish and schedule. That’s what I was asking clarification on, not what the queue option is on tumblr. If you are going to post something on tumblr, it will and has to be posted on the site as well, right? If so, why is the publish and schedule not sufficient for this?

    TL;DR: Consider reading up on Tumblr’s featureset to learn more about why I made these various design choices in the plugin and it will become less confusing to you.

    Thank you for what I can only take as a backhanded insult, but I know enough about their system to fit my needs, I don’t have any desire beyond that to know the inner working of their system, that’s why I use this plugin. But understanding how the plugin works in the context of my site is more important to me than how it is replicating tumblr features 🙂 Thanks.

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