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  • @surepoint – yeah just realised what was happening but not sure why. Some of the formatting wasn’t working still – ie: H1/H2 tags or any li elements. I *can* make the child theme work by both copying the whole lib folder to the child them AND the complete css contents minus the header while removing any importing either through enqueue or @import in the css. I suspect something isn’t importing correctly here. Still looking as I need this to work as well.
    I also validated the CSS and it had some errors that need fixing plus one entry that is IE specific only.


    Have a look at – it may help. You should be able to do it manually – no plugin needed.

    I commented out the @ import
    /* @import url(“../wp-knowledge-base/style.css”); */ in the child css file

    and used a child functions.php instead as they suggested:

    Make sure your child theme folder is directly under the themes directory at the same level as the original.

    Like robthecomputerguy said above – copying the lib folder from the parent theme into the child theme also helped.

    You can then continue with customising.

    I think this one’s come up before – you have to physically remove the plugin from the server it’s on if you have access via ftp or directly. Either rename the plugin directory or remove it and you should be able to log in.

    Just a thought:

    If you are trying to remove the plugin and install from scratch, your database keeps all the old settings. So if something has gone badly wrong with those and you dont mind losing old data for the plugin you could also remove the mysql table for the plugin (it’s under wp_options by default) delete Anderson_Makiyama_Captcha_On_Login_options then do a clean install and see if it works.
    ## NOTE don’t play with the database directly unless you are sure you know what you are doing and have a backup.

    I’ve noticed it seems to work okay from the <sitename>/wp-admin/ url but doesn’t display on <sitename>/wp-login variations though that bit could be due to other plugins rewriting default behaviour.
    It seems to run okay under 4.0 if you’re only loging in with wp-admin – my only problem is it’s not doing the temporary blocking.

    I’ve realised the perma blocking and deleting IP’s is in the settings. Sorry I missed that.

    The problem remains that the plugin doesn’t appear to be autoblocking on multiple failed logins.

    Also related to setting up perma-blocking – where is the list of previous logins stored? It’d be useful to be able to copy them from the log into a text file for analysis. I can’t cut and paste from the reports interface.

    Further testing the issue seems to defintely be a conflict between wp-members and yoasts SEO plugins. Could be a problem either end. Most annoying. Guess it may be something you guys might want to take a look at since its a common enough plugin.

    In order to *fix* this behaviour we have had to turn of *show exerpts which isn’t a viable solution. After ruling out the theme we are using as well I’ve gone through and deactivated all the plugins one by one. The only thing that changed anything (though not this specifically) was yoasts seo plugin. Keeping looking for now.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)