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  • Thanks for the troubleshoot link but it didn’t help:
    a) WP 5.2.2
    b) Protection Level 0 of 10 – set all settings to No for testing
    c) Memory 68 MB of 160 MB used
    d) deactivated all other caching and security plugins, didn’t help
    e) same on firefox and chrome
    f) no 404 error, just blank page without any html
    g) nothing unusual on Site Health, worked before the plugin upgrade (just upgraded that single plugin)
    PHP 7.3.3

    Thanks for your efforts. I’ve just tested this. Unfortunatley, it still does not work. I can’t see any change.

    I’ve upgraded to wp_advent 1.3.4.
    To verify this I’ve installed a new wordpres 4.9.8 and just installed the wp_advent plugin.
    I’ve still the same issue on IE11 on all three different Windows 10 Clients.
    Any ideas how to debug this?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)