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  • I just found this plugin and I want to say it’s just what I was after. I’m hoping you’re still actively developing this because it’s got a great core in place and just a few small items would really make it shine, like a widget that works on a link category or categories instead of defaulting to all links. I would also love to see the option to open links in a new window (I just edited it myself for now), or at least have it respect the target option defined in WP Links for a given link.

    I got reconnected, saw the notice about the error I mentioned above, but the same problem persists with the re-use of the same image on the same page.

    I disconnected it and when I try and reconnect I get this:

    Your website needs to be publicly accessible to use Jetpack: site_inaccessible

    Error Details: The Jetpack server was unable to communicate with your site [IXR -32300: transport error: http_request_failed transfer closed with 42 bytes remaining to read]

    I’ve tried a few times now and no luck with reconnecting.

    Indeed I did. It was really simple once I figured out that another plugin was causing all my issues.

    I was just looking to disable it on certain pages, not completely. However, if I can filter using what you said then that would be perfectly fine and I agree, a far better solution.

    Thanks for the responses.

    Oops, forgot to mark this as resolved.

    I’ve finally figured it out!

    I had a plugin installed called Relevanssi that overrides the default search handler. Once I disabled it things worked perfectly. I know that plugin indexes the site and I can only assume it must have an add_action in there for save_post or wp_insert_post that was causing my infinite loop.

    Maybe this will help someone else out in the future.

    Also, worth noting. As you’d guess, the save.php file saves the roster the user submitted. If I have insert or update post in my code then it appears my entire roster function shown above gets looped as a result. Not only does it just keep inserting posts, it also keeps saving the roster infinitely along with it. Again, if I remove wp_insert_post the roster is only saved/inserted once as it should be.

    For the hell of it I moved my insert and update back to my save.php file as I had it before when it worked without an infinite loop and no luck, still looping.

    There obviously must be something I’m overlooking that’s causing this loop. Without the insert or update functions in there things are fine. Meaning, my code on its own is not causing the loop. That being said, that’s not to say something in my code isn’t causing it once I put the insert or update functions in there but for the life of me I can’t figure out what. I’m not using add_action, filters, anything on save_post or wp_insert_post. I just can’t figure it out.

    Hmmm, very odd. I’m not using add_action at all on save_post.

    Maybe I could explain a bit more and something may become obvious.

    I have a class for my plugin and in this case, when I need to use wp_insert_post, it’s on a page that I have a shortcode for. So, just to give only the relevant elements:

    if(!class_exists("cmdctr")) {
    	class cmdctr {
    		function __construct() {
    			add_shortcode('cmd_roster', array($this,'roster'));
    		function roster($atts, $content = null) {
    			global $FORCE_ORG, $_POST, $_GET;
    			require 'roster/functions.php';
    			if($_POST['done']) { // Saving it or something
    				require 'roster/save.php';
    				if($_POST['share'] || $_POST['review']) {
    					$roster_id = $_POST['roster_id'];
    					$the_post_id = get_value("SELECT post_type_id FROM " . T_ROSTERS . " WHERE id = '" . $roster_id . "'");
    					if($the_post_id) {
    					else {

    And of course my insert_post_type function is mentioned above.

    Now, at one point I had the code for inserting the post or updating it inside that save.php that gets included. At that point I was testing and the code for the inserts and updates was not in a function and I had no issues with an infinite loop. I then created the functions for insert & update and had those inside save.php and suddenly the looping began. I’ve since moved those functions out to my class as I was hoping it would help.

    I wrote a plugin and there is a page on my blog that I have a rewrite setup for. That page returns dynamic content based on the ID being sent to it. So, it looks something like or The problem with your plugin in this situation is it writes the canonical URL as every time. I have hundreds of ‘pages’ but they all have the same canonical URL.

    Additionally, the meta data and title is always the same because it’s technically one page in WordPress.

Viewing 11 replies - 151 through 161 (of 161 total)