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  • I will do. Thank you.

    To be a little clearer…
    As an example, I have two shipping methods for European customer: Standard and Tracked.

    Standard rates apply from 0g to 250g max.
    Tracked rates apply from 0g to 5000g max.

    A European customer can select either option, but if the weight of the shipment in the basket is say 600g, then the Standard rate should not be offered, only the Tracked rates. At the moment it sets to £0 free shipping – which I definitely don’t want.

    If someone fills their basket over 5000g (unlikely, but there is nothing to prevent this), then I will add * to max weight to a row in the table for 5000g to *, as say £100 shipping. It would then be cheaper for people to place multiple orders in this instance, which is fine, but if they pay £100 I am covered.

    In that instance it would be great to offer a message that states that “Shipping is not offered for orders over 5000g. Please place multiple orders with each less than 5000g.”

    i hope that is a better explanation 🙂

    Ideally that the shipping method doesn’t then show up in checkout, or instead states ‘not available’.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)