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  • @augustjohnston Please try to download and install the new “0.3” version of plugin ‘all-in-one-event-calendar-extended-views-fix’ from github.

    It work in a smarter way and it seem to solve the “expired link” issue.
    Any feedback would be appreciate.
    Thank you.

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    @augustjohnston UPDATE:
    I’m working on “the link you are following has expired” error by following these steps:

    1. Update the “AIO Event Calendar” plugin to the 2.6.1 version.
    2. Download the plugin “all-in-one-event-calendar-extended-views-fix” from this link.
    3. Remove the fix from your functions.php
    4. Install the fix plugin, but keep it disabled.
    5. Check the AIO Event Calendar and the Extended View add-on are both enabled.
    6. Go to “AIO Event Calendar” settings, click the label “add-ons” and click on “save settings”. After this, a warning message say the “extended view” add-on has been disabled.
    7. Go to “Plugins” and enable the fix.
    8. Try again to update an event.

    Now will work fine, but after a couple of minutes, the issue come back again.
    It’s not a cron function, just checked for it.
    If you redo just the steps 6 and 8, the issue disappear and then come back again.

    I will investigate more for this strange behaviour.

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    @augustjohnston I just updated the plugin to the lastest version (2.6.1) and it seems my account now is properly signed in to the service.
    So fixed this issue and now the extended views doesn’t get deactivate anymore.
    I deleted my fix but the “expired link” error still, while updating an event.
    I tried with the previous version of the plugin but it does the same thing.

    So, is not my fix that break the update process! It seems an plugin issue. 🙁
    However by clicking on “try again” link, the post will update properly.

    Try yourself. Update the plugin (perform a backup before), delete my fix and you can get the same problem as well. use a strange way to check the accounts and the add-ons. I think that some goes wrong while this check runs, and it break the user session. :-/

    Which version of the plugin are you using now?

    This fix is working for sure with the 2.5.44

    Hi @giuse sorry for my typing error, obviously I meant 5.3.2 (not 3.5.2 😂).

    Now I managed to find your plugin on the result’s list with my wp installation! Thanks.

    Hi @kinsella55 can you explain better how do you mean with “Max Mega Menu CRASHES”?

    Which kind of crash happens? Have you some errors printed to the screen or it’s just a plugin deactivation? Please read the error_logs files and give us more informations about.

    Thank you.

    Hi @kinsella55 , I haven’t much time to find issues for sub-sites.
    However I read some error_log files and I found this:

    Your All-in-One Event Calendar has the following plugins installed but they are disabled. To keep them enabled, simply keep your calendar logged in to your Timely account.<br /><br />- all-in-one-event-calendar-extended-views<br />

    So it seems the extended views addon came disabled when the handler think about your’s account isn’t sync properly between their servers and your website.
    Since still not replying to this thread, I found the part of script which deactivate the addons and then I excluded the function which perform the deactivation.

    So actually the best practice is to find and open the handler.php file, that is stored on /wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/lib/exception/handler.php

    then replace the entire content with this one:

    After this, you can remove my initial snippet which reactivate the extension, from your functions.php.

    Obviously this way is intended as a temporary solution until fix the issues.

    Another way you can fix your Multisite issues, without touching the plugin’s handler file could be this:

    #FIX AIO Event Calendar Extended Views disabled on multisite
    function hw_reactivate_aioec_addons() {
    	if ( !is_plugin_active( 'all-in-one-event-calendar-extended-views/all-in-one-event-calendar-extended-views.php' ) ) {
    add_action( 'muplugins_loaded', 'hw_reactivate_aioec_addons' );

    Please try one of two solutions, check/enable the extensions and give me a feedback about.
    Thank you.

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    @kinsella55 Actually I’m not afraid, but worried and apologise at the same time, since my solution isn’t legit at all. If the extension should work only by a payment, my method can bypass it, and I don’t love this behaviour.

    However a reply or update to fix all the issues will be appreciated!

    At the time I think we can continue to use my solution for a while, unless we can find a valid alternative.
    I will think about.

    If really stops to update their products, one chance to get back alive the project is to fork the code on github and work on a open parallel project to fix and improve the plugins.

    If you know or get replies from devs, please tell me about. Thank you! 🙂


    @soapm this code would be put on your theme function.php file, and it run to activate the extension plugin only if it’s inactive, so it bypass the issue that main plugin introduced in the last updates.


    Hi @kinsella55 I’m glad to know you fixed your issue with my code snippet. It means that it work fine at all! However I suggest to all the people are matching this issues, to think and search for a good alternative quickly! 😉👍

    Obviusly I hope still “alive” and it can give us more informations about. Expecially for them which paid the extension but anyway they get the issues.


    @kinsella55 Your welcome. This is a community whithin people should help others with pleasure.
    I really would know more about your issue, it’s very strange that my code broke your subsites, there shouldn’t a reason for that behaviour.

    Please, can you enable debug constants and check the error logs? And then tell me if there’s something which can help to understand better the things.
    This could improve my knowledge on how WP multisite work.


    Hi @kinsella55 you could try with this:

    #FIX AIO Event Calendar Extended Views automatically disable itself
    add_action('init', 'hw_aioev_reactivate');
    function hw_aioev_reactivate() {
    if ( !is_plugin_active( 'all-in-one-event-calendar-extended-views/all-in-one-event-calendar-extended-views.php' ) ) {

    Then tell me if it work!
    I don’t have an subsites network to test it immediatly. Sorry.


    Thanks @great-taste, I think that’s exactly like your explanation.
    However the main plugin doesn’t inform properly about this required-payment or license, it simply disable the extension without any messagge.
    I think that a little notice might be appreciated, just to have a time to notify the customer about this change and give to him the possibility to pick a choice about.
    By the way, I managed this issue quickly (by re-activating the extension dinamically) and now I’m going to develop a custom event manager.

    I think that doesn’t applied the right way to upgrade his products conditions and they doesn’t inform properly about the changes, making blank sections from one day to another on websites who use this extension.

    It’s legit to require a payment, but not if you make my time waste, in order to understand which change you done and without repling to the questions.

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    Plugin Author


    Hi @shawfactor,
    This plugin is just for create new statuses and Gutenberg is just a builder, it not replace the way which wordpress register the statuses and the post type.
    You can install both, WP Custom Status Manager and give the Gutenberg working too, simultaneously.

    Try it. If you get any issue please tell me about.
    Thank you.

    I fixed myself by editing the line 120 to

    $total_ignored_roles = @count(get_option('nkweb_ignore'));

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