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  • It’s definitely NOT a plugin or theme conflict issue. The site has been running great since we launched it 7 months ago, and no additional plugins have been installed since. We also haven’t updated the theme during this time frame.

    The issue just occurred immediately after adding a couple of new photos. Prior to this, we had about 25 photos, and then after adding 2 more, this happened.

    Can the developer send me a private message so we can continue this conversation off the public forum, and then I can provide you with the WP login info and FTP details if necessary.

    Please contact me at geminiman7 (at) outlook dot com.

    Thank you.

    One more problem: After making some minor adjustments to the Reference, Email address and Comment fields, NONE of the changes are saving now! I’ve cleared the cache, restarted the browser, tried three other browsers (using Firefox but tried Chrome, IE + Edge) to no avail. I’m not sure if this is fully compatible with the current stable version of WordPress, and it doesn’t appear to work with PayPal properly any more…

    I deleted the code but can re-add it. I found another lightbox plugin that worked BUT it shows an annoying watermark, so I’d like to use your plugin if I can get it to display properly.

    Someone else in your support forum mentioned the same issue (images are stuck left-aligned and they can’t get it to center). There was no official answer.

    I’ll re-add the code when I get back in tomorrow and reply back to this post. Thank you!

    THanks for the quick reply. Appreciated. I figured out how to make an image link by putting URL of the image for the “anchor” text.

    But now the issue is that the image is stuck left-aligned on the web page, which is really odd. I’m trying to center the image on the page, but nothing I’m trying is is working with the shortcode. How do I make the image centered?

    Also experiencing this issue. Very frustrating the images are stuck left-aligned. I can’t figure this out either…

    I just asked this very same question and surprised it’s not documented because it’s a very common request. Hope to get an answer soon…

    Ok, thank you for sending those details. So you’re saying my themes code is causing some conflicts with your plugin code.

    I’ll take a look at the CSS code. It’s very helpful that you’ve pointed me in the right direction to fix 🙂

    Sorry Ruth, I just realized that because the dates are not displaying correctly I added eventdetails=’false’ to the shortcode to hide it temporarily.

    Here is a new link for you to view the web page (I put created a COPY of the original home page so this is a new link for you to see the problems):

    Thank you!

    Hi Ruth,

    Just following up as This isn’t resolved yet. I replied to another thread I guess but never received an answer.

    I actually AM using your plugin widget code (on the home page). The exact code I’m using is:

    [ecs-list-events eventdetails=’false’]

    Which is your code. However, in the footer (which I’m not worried about), I’m using the widget that comes with the Events Calendar Plugin. But again, this isn’t what I need help with.

    Can you please take a look at our site again (I don’t want to post the link on this public forum but you should have the link from our prior email conversations) and let me know why it’s not displaying correctly using your shortcode please?

    Thank you!

    Oh, I meant to include in last message that I really want to get your shortcode plugin to display properly, as it is exactly what I was looking for visual-wise. There are other Event calendar plugins out there, but they display the events in a completely different way and not what I want.

    If I can just get the Event names and dates to line up correctly, this would be perfect!

    Hi Ruth,

    There is another serious display bug that we’re encountering. For some very odd reason, the event dates and event titles are all jumbled up.

    The first event only shows the event title, followed by a divider, and then it shows the date of the previous event and the NEXT event TOGETHER, which is completely confusing customers.

    Then the 3rd event shows the date ABOVE the title, while the 4th event doesn’t show the title at all. It only shows the date.

    Please see my screenshot here so it’ll make more sense what I’m trying to convey:

    The displaying of events is all jumbled up and incorrect. Instead, it SHOULD be displaying this:

    JUNE 6
    Event Title

    JUNE 13-14
    Event Title

    JUNE 20
    Event Title

    I’m using the latest version of WordPress and the latest available version of your plugin.

    How soon can this get corrected? This is causing A LOT of confusion for our website visitors as the dates don’t line up with the event titles/names correctly and causing problems. Thank you..

    @jameskoster no I am not setting the shop page as the homepage, BUT there is a store component that loads on all of the pages (there’s a “Your Cart/Checkout” bar at the very top of every web page).

    Unfortunately that’s all the info I can provide right now. Do you need to know the theme name? If so it’s Marine from

    Ah ha!!!! SO FRUSTRATED I just discovered this too. Have been troubleshooting this issue for days, then finally spent an hour disabling all plugins and then re-enabling them one at a time.

    Our website kept generating a redirect loop error ONLY for the home page. All other sub pages worked fine, except for the root of the website. After disabling the WooCommerce Archive Customizer plugin, our website began loading properly again.

    After narrowing down the issue, I did a Google search for “WooCommerce Archive Customizer redirect” and found your thread along with many others complaining about the same thing. I would have never imagined this plugin would be the culprit as it has nothing to do with how a web page loads! (I was expecting it to be a “coming soon” plugin or something that alters the htaccess file).

    Running the latest version of WooCommerce on WordPress 4. I suspect that you’re right about the plugin being too old to support the latest version of WooCommerce.

    I’m surprised that there’s been no response to your post or some of the others I found mentioning the same thing, but it’s definitely this plugin…

    Strange, Twitter Tools had worked great up until Jan 19th. Somewhere in between Jan 19th and March 20th it stopped working entirely. When I tried to access the Twitter Tools settings page I got the “parse error on line 19” message.

    Called my hosting company (New World Hosting) and they said that their server runs both PHP4 and PHP5 at same time. Even though my control panel does not show PHP4, their admins switched it on their end to use full PHP5 and that resolved my issue.

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