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  • My guess is that the Full Text & Summary options are for the RSS feed, and not the display of posts on the Blog archive page on the actual website.

    Use the “More” element to limit the amount of content displayed on the blog archive page.

    The More tag is not exclusive to the Sketch theme, it’s a core WordPress editing feature.

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    Thanks for the heads up. No I did not think to contact support on this. Will do. Thanks.

    If you look at the link I provided, you’ll see the “Back to Index” link after the first answer is not a separate paragraph break like the others. It’s right after the end of the answer.

    There also should be a paragraph break in the answer, yet it is all displayed as one solid block of text. The line that begins “But please…” in the first answer should be a new paragraph but it is not.

    I do not have any other plugins that would affect the page display, they are all admin plugins (Jetpack, bot blockers, database backups, seo, etc). I am using a WordPress theme (Sketch) without modification. I set this up using the shortcode in the visual editor (the new “block” editor).

    Thank you.

    You are welcome! Thanks for this awesome plugin!

    Yeah my crap coding skills never result in the pages looking like what i want. So custom pages are a bad idea for me 🙂

    That theme was nice, but the Sketch theme works too. I mostly wanted those giant thumbnails.

    Not sure what you mean by “hold that deep link to the portfolio page from the main site in case you might want to make use of that.”?


    So to help others: @jnash was correct, you need to have a theme that includes a Portfolio Page Template.

    I switched over to the free WordPress “Sketch” theme and it’s working fine.

    Went to the theme site, found this:

    Portfolio Home Page:
    Gusto Pro supports a custom portfolio homepage, Single gallery homepage coming soon.

    Probably easiest to just cough up the dough for the Pro version.

    Yeah I saw that topic, but sadly this theme seems to not use the Portfolio page template. I can’t do this:

    “…assign it the “Portfolio Page Template” from the “Page Attributes” module.”

    Page Attributes only offers “Parent Page” and “Order”.

    As far as the subdomain thing, I am in the progress of making the blog the main site and migrating to the www eventually. But I want to get this all set up and functioning in-place before the next nightmare of migrating the site 🙂

    Thank you!

    My apologies, I misread that post on Reddit and thought your plugin was supposed to use the patronage pipe. It indeed takes me to the profile page as you mentioned.


    OK I was able to dig in and dust off my WP coding mind, and got the new product template page set up as suggested (that plugin wasn’t ideal, as it duplicated images on all my other posts).

    The good news was that adding the featured image code to that etsy_importer template page worked as far as getting an image to show up, but it somehow broke the entire visual design of the product pages. Still no product links to Etsy though:

    I’m guessing this is getting beyond the scope of support for the plugin, which you have already been exceedingly generous with so far. So close, but I’m reaching the limits of my WP skills.

    Thanks again.

    I see. Fair enough. I didn’t realize more recent default WP themes relied so heavily on Featured Images. It’s actually a great thing, but with limited time, knowledge, resources and budget I’m not sure I can develop a new child theme to work. But it’s on my list now.

    Thanks for taking the time to help and explain. Like I said, this plugin is awesome and I’d like to use it. But looks like my WP install is not up to the awesomeness of the plugin.

    Maybe the description could be updated to specify that featured Images are required in the theme, for others who are in the same boat as I am.

    Thanks again.

    Thanks for the help. I see what you are saying. I guess I am confused as to what I need to do to get images to show up.

    Do the default templates & themes show featured images by default, thus making this extra work unnecessary? I guess I am also confused why my TwentyTen child theme isn’t working without extra work. I based my child theme off of a default theme to (ideally) avoid headaches and make the site as generic as possible for plugins and such.

    Just trying to understand, don’t mean to take up more of your time. But this plugin seems awesome and I would really like to get it working on the blog.

    Thanks again.

    Looks like the posts themselves have featured images set.

    I wasnlt expecting to have to dig into the code to get these to appear, nothing in the instructions mentioned that.

    I dug into my single.php and it seems I have a custom TwentyTen child theme, using loop-single.php to set up the template. But I have no idea how to include featue images and I am hesitant to do so. I like plugins because they don’t require hard coding stuff that can break later if plugins are abandoned and such.

    I’m curious under what circumstances one would not have to alter code in single.php to get these posts to display correctly? Not exactly sure what I did to make this not work, my child theme (as I recall) was designed for very minimal impact of the stock themes to avoid headaches down the road.

    Thanks for the help.

    I’m not too concerned with the related posts, but the lack of the images and links on the product pages needs to be fixed.

    What you suggested is a bit over my head. Is that to fix the post content or the related posts not showing up? I’m going to skip it if for related posts.

    Thank you.

    OK that fixed the Page Not Found errors, but the pages are not showing images, nor links to the Etsy items.

    Sample page:

    Also seems to have broken the related posts widget I use, but only on this plugin’s pages. And not all the products went live, some of them were only saved as drafts.


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