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  • got exactly the same issue on line.
    I am using widezine theme.
    it worked ……when we first installed the site.
    now, it works sometime, but not always.

    in particular on a blog post it works when I first post the article
    but the customed header disapears if I modify the blog post!

    and some pages looks like having the same issue

    updated today in 3.3.1, nothing changed

    can anybody help?

    I am also using widezine
    I have changed the time format setting for the site , and its fine all over the site except in two places.

    1- comments…I would also love my choice intesad of “xx ago” and this post should solve this
    Dkersys, in which file did you make the change ?
    I did not find any “how_lon_ago” in comments_template.php or in functions.php

    2- in archives (or category pages) …. where the time format has not been updated with my preference… any idea on which file should be amended?

    thank you for your help

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)