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    Hi, thanks for your prompt reply yesterday.

    It seemed the problem is because of two things.. worth mentioning to you.

    1) I could only see 1 of my two test events when accessing the API directly. So I deleted the connection, and created a new KEY at the eventbrite end. I then struggled (as I did the first time) to make a connection again between the two. I wonder if this is perhaps something to do with my website being in a sub-directory.. however after about 40 attempts it connected.

    2) I added a third test event into eventbrite, but could only see 2/3 showing in the API directly. So I deleted the event that was not showing (was set to public like all the others) and whamo.. the other two started being displayed within my wordpress page. So it seems this event was causing a block with the display of the other events.

    Did you have any links for documentation. The events look shocking in my 3rd party theme (full screen width with strange formatting).

    I agree.
    Yes this product works in Contact Form 7.
    Yes it has reduced my Spam
    Yes it does not work on Mobile Devices
    and.. yes this means all of you who have written great reviews about this do not consider your mobile audience and the fact they might want to contact you???

    Be really nice if the developer could fix, or at least acknowledge this issue and reply to someone who takes the time to point it out as an issue. After all, it would only make the developers product better.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)