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  • What I do is redirect unacceptable requests to my bot-trap. You do have a bot-trap installed along with a honeypot, don’t you?

    I ban about eight hundred thousand IP addresses as known spam and scraper bots.

    Don’t feel bad, Automattic censored my review because it was only four stars and I made a minor criticism. It is clear to me at least that the admins are playing games (i.e. censoring) the review system here..

    xmlrpc.php appears to be only used by the admin(s) for publishing and managing the wordpress via mobile or via a client as opposed to using the web interface. it does not appear to be necessary for end users. Is this true or false? It is very difficult to find a straight answer to this question on the Internet. There are all kinds of discussions about xmlrpc.php, but nowhere does anyone come right out and say: “It is only used by admin.”

    If it is only used by admin, then it will be a simple matter to restrict access to it based upon user-agent or IP address.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)