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  • I use Atahualpa for my theme.

    Please don’t get mad over my review.
    As for my “paid version” part of my review,
    I point that out because of the fact that more & more plugins have free/pay versions & I’m finding out that most free versions are to hook us in, then they stop updating it/fixing things & tell us to get the pay version. Some free/pay versions are just ripping off us admins, the pay only get you the basic functions that should have been in the free version. It was not always like this, back when I started using WP things used to be different.

    I don’t see any of this with your plugin.

    I like where this plugin is going 😀 not a fan of the fact they have a paid version but just as long as they don’t forget about the free version I’m OK with that.

    So just don’t forget about us is all I’m saying 😉

    it was wp-minify-fix
    I excluded class-sitemaps.php & main-sitemap.xsl and that fixed it.

    never mind I fixed it

    yes on the clean browser cache & I’m not running any crazy addons.
    Only some of the buttons are doing this not all of them.
    It’s not stopping me from using the plugin but on one page it is kind of blocking the “save changes” button

    grrr I f-ed up that post
    I was trying to add a link to a screen shot

    View post on

    I fixed it many months ago but I forget how I fixed it

    I think I fixed in the web service .conf but I just can’t remember what I did.

    HTTP/1.0 200 OK =>
    Cache-Control => max-age=3309, public, must-revalidate, proxy-revalidate
    X-Frame-Options => SAMEORIGIN
    X-Content-Type-Options => nosniff
    X-XSS-Protection => 1; mode=block
    X-Powered-By => Laughing Man Security
    Expires => Wed, 17 Feb 2016 19:37:30 GMT
    Set-Cookie => ETVSESSID=zWhCM%2C62vpk5-DL731ZYNyunfv9; expires=Sun, 28-Feb-2016 23:30:21 GMT; Max-Age=967680; path=/;; HttpOnly
    Last-Modified => Wed, 25 Sep 2013 07:18:12 GMT
    Pragma => public
    Etag => 82ad078f4cb6c6b16370a50414ff6946
    Content-Type => text/html; charset=UTF-8
    X-Pingback =>
    Connection => close
    Date => Wed, 17 Feb 2016 18:42:21 GMT
    Server => Laughing-Man-Security

    The point of my review was not rattle you as you put it lol
    but to point out that it is lame to make a plugin like this pay.
    It’s only a matter of time before WP adds settings that will do the same thing.

    from where I’m standing this just looks like greed.

    Also if the plugin has not changed as you put it,
    then the plugin will end up getting nothing in new functionality or things that will just make it all around better, because anything new & cool will go into the pro plugin & the free version will get nothing in the end. (Seen it happen so many times)

    “I would suggest in future checking your facts”
    I have & you are a greedy Dev.
    It’s greedy Dev’s like you that hurt WordPress.

    “Thanks for the Twitter shout out “
    sure NP it’s nice that my 2,910 followers know your a greedy Dev, who makes people pay for simple plugins LOL
    I’m sure it will get you a but load of sales on your plugin LOL

    Well karelles
    it’s called paid support.
    If users need help with the plugin in some way, then they pay for it.
    It’s what we do in Linux community.

    If the developer (Edvard Ananyan) wants to make real big $ then he is developing for the wrong platform.
    Also when I do find a real good plugin I do donate
    but I don’t like being forced to pay when there are so many good plugins out there that don’t force you do pay.

    also take a long look at transposh, now there is a real plugin.

    LOL before I could hit him up the dude just cut v0.9.8.1
    I don’t know what’s changed in it because the change log has not been updated.
    so we will see if fix’s everything.

    ok I think I have found the plugin that’s doing this: I updated this plugin some point in oct from v0.9.7 to v0.9.8.0

    The transposh plugin has options for permalinks but I have them turned off.
    so I’m think the Dev for this plugin messed up something in the last update that’s giving me this bug.
    The bad news is I can’t find v0.9.7.
    I rolled back to an older version & out of nowhere the faq fixed itself lol but anything older then v0.9.7 does not translate.
    so I’m back on v0.9.8.0 & w8ing to see if it happens again.
    just to be sure it’s this plugin. after that I will hit up the Dev.

    It came back!!!! 🙁
    the same thing.

    ok I fixed it.
    I removed my DB & imported a backup from oct-26-2015
    & that seems to have fixed this.
    I never did find out what started all this.
    I can only hope this does not happen again.

    that is for apache, I don’t run apache
    & this is not a webserver problem.
    this is more of a wordpress/MySQL problem.
    some where in the DB it is pointing the faq permalink to the content of my home page.
    I did not make this change, I’m not sure what did & the last time I was on my server was the 26 of oct & then my faq was working fine.

    as for making a new page that’s no problem (works fine)
    just as long as I don’t name the Permalink faq lol

    anything with faq as the permalink pulls my home page content

    ok making a new page with the Permalink faq did not work
    it still is show the content of my home 🙁
    In the 6 years I have been working for wordpress I have never seen or had something like this happen.
    it is really odd & I don’t know what to do other then use something that’s not “faq” as my Permalink.


    WoW I just love how much help one can get from 🙄
    I’m going to trash the faq page & to cut a new page & see if that will fix it.

    before I got to this point I had I turn off every plugin & nothing changed.
    it’s just soo odd because I have done nothing to my site all week & yet this happens.
    it’s like some how some where in my DB it has a hard-on for pointing my faq age to my home page & I can’t change it.

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