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  • Thanks! Just contributed. If I’m using it on a regular basis (still working on launching the site), I will try to contribute accordingly as I know it’s a lot to keep up with the updates. Thanks again! It’s so nice of you guys (plugin creators) to devote so much time to making these and then give them away for free.

    Yes, seems to be working just fine now that I deactivated the problematic plugin.

    Okay, so marking this resolved. Apparently when I was testing multiple plugins, Simple Links caused the Link section to not appear. Did not even realized it existed or was supposed to be there. Took some time to troubleshoot this one, but all is working well now. Will be donating to your efforts. Thanks for making such a great plugin!

    Okay, I found the problem by reinstalling this on another site and a “Links” icon popped up on the dashboard. It’s very generic so hard to know it’s related to LL w/o reading through the page. Site #1 is running several link directories as I’m trying them out. This “Links” icon does not appear on my dashboard on Site #1, even after deleting and reinstalling twice. It was only after I started deactivating other link plugins to see if they were causing a conflict with this one that it suddenly appeared. It looks like it’s “Simple Links” that’s causing the problem.

    Going to test it all out now and if it’s working, will mark these two as “resolved.”

    It turns out there are 5 tables that need changed in phpmyadmin, not 2 as per the instructions I was following. Once all were updated, the site appeared.

    So need to talk down to me. I may be new to WP and WPMU, but I was able to figure it out on my own (thanks to some valuable online tutorials) and I won’t be coming back here for help. Really, you should consider a new line of work or, if this something you do as a volunteer service, maybe something that doesn’t involve public interaction. Just a suggestion.

    Why don’t you try saying, “Please do not do that as…” or “if you need help, you can try…” Who talks to people like you do? Learn how to address others where you’re not belittling them. I see so many posts by the regulars on here where it sounds like they talk to us like we’re children who don’t know better.

    I made several posts because

    1. the questions I was asking weren’t being answered in a way that they were resolved
    2. I made changes to the site and therefore the first became irrelevant –
    3. I was looking for help (completely different question) and wanted to know where to find it – clearly not on here!

    I will just renew my memembership. They are very polite and helpful on there. The money is worth it if this is what “free” help is like!

    Free, limited, help is appreciated. The tone is offensive.

    Thanks. Didn’t have much effect. I tried it earlier yesterday with all the different combos. It’s not the problem. I’m pretty close to wiping out everything and starting with the new domain from scratch. But I’m also trying to domain mapping and set up my subdomains and there seems to be a pretty steep learning curve there, so not sure if I should just stick it out and just learn it.

    Wanted to pay someone to do all of this but couldn’t find one qualified person on Some gave me bids of $300 to install WP multisite…the one that took me an hour to do for the first time. So I don’t really trust them.

    Just to update…

    I restored the original db and made changes to it to reflect the new name. One of the guys at Bluehost went through everything with me and couldn’t find the problem. So now I’m relying on one of the experts on here to help me out. It’s just not making sense that it’s not working.

    Also, I was using as the original domain. If you go there, the buddypress install and theme is working.

    any ideas?? (please, oh, please, Andrea!!) 😉

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)