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  • Hi Cory

    This are what i have under Advances Options (I am not very technical).

    Extraction Manual package extraction
    File Timestamp Current Original
    Logging Light Detailed Debug
    WP-Config Cache Keep Enabled Keep Home Path
    WP-Config SSL Enforce on Admin Enforce on Login

    Hi Cory

    Thanks for the reply.
    I managed to get it connected but now I am getting another error

    Please try again an issue has occurred.

    server code: 200
    status: OK

    Then is installs a completely blank wordpress site but not mine.
    I am not getting a response (error message) as to what the issue is and the annoying thing is I am now without a website as I had to delete my old site to allow space for my new one!

    Before Deploying however I am getting this:

    “NOTICE: In order to avoid database incompatibility issues make sure the database versions between the build and installer servers are as close as possible. If the package was created on a newer database version than where it is being installed then you might run into issues.

    It is best to make sure the server where the installer is running has the same or higher version number than where it was built. If the major and minor version are the same or close for example [5.7 to 5.6], then the migration should work without issues. A version pair of [5.7 to 5.1] is more likely to cause issues unless you have a very simple setup. If the versions are too far apart work with your hosting provider to upgrade the MySQL engine on this server.

    MariaDB: If see a version of 10.N.N then the database distribution is a MariaDB flavor of MySQL. While the distributions are very close there are some subtle differences. Some operating systems will report the version such as “5.5.5-10.1.21-MariaDB” showing the correlation of both. Please visit the online MariaDB versus MySQL – Compatibility page for more details.

    Please note these messages are simply notices. It is highly recommended that you continue with the install process and closely monitor the installer-log.txt file along with the install report found on step 3 of the installer. Be sure to look for any notices/warnings/errors in these locations to validate the install process did not detect any errors. If any issues are found please visit the FAQ pages and see the question What if I get database errors or general warnings on the install report?”

    M provider said being its a sheared host there isn’t much they can do about that. So now I am at a complete loss 🙁

    Hey thanks for the reply!

    I believe i am just using the “Thumbnail – icon” skin. But I just want the whole image to click and link out to the post. My page is currently local.

    What is it that you needed me to send? The skin index file?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)