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  • OK, thank you for answernig swiftly.
    I purchased Image Expansion Kit yesterday.

    Well, my php skills are not so good, but I managed to customize your plugin quite a lot, especially by following your tutorials and customization guides on your web site.
    I’m still learning, but I think I could do this, but I surely need some help.
    Could you please help and point me in right direction?
    Thanks in advance!

    I’ve been away for a while, sorry.
    I’m still trying to figure this out.
    Well, the ID should be new, randomly generated, I suppose.
    Any idea on that? Solving this would really be a lifesaver.
    Thank you anyway!

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    The values will come from the pdb_single page.
    Thank you for your reply

    Thank you for your reply.
    I made an error and it messed up pdb_list filtering.
    It works now.
    Thank you again!

    Sorry to say, this messed up my whole database.
    I find this feature very usefull so I followed each step of your tutorial carefully.
    After modifying your javascript code, I put it on pdb_signup and pdb_record pages.
    As I mentioned in my previous post, the code on the pdb_record page isn’t working properly. I think the problem is in javaScript code.

    After putting all this to work, the fields controlled by javascript changed values to first parent(optgroup) and first child of the first parent. When I say the fields changed values, I mean the fields in ALL records.
    I set up something like this:
    1st parent (1st optgroup): 1st Floor
    child: roomNo I/1, roomNo I/2 etc
    2nd parent (2nd optgroup): 2nd Floor
    child: roomNo II/2, room II/2 etc

    Now, all the floor fields and all the room fields in all the records are set to 1st Floor, roomNo I/1.
    I checked the PDB general settings, and Manage PDB fields settings, but found no issue. The fields are text-line fields, CSV and Signup checked.

    Also, the problem mentioned in previous post persists…

    I hope there’s a solution to this, because I really find this very useful.

    Thank you!

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    Well, what I mean is this:
    This plugin populates dropdown with records that are allready in the database.In this case those records are user records (last_name, first_name). Once those records are displayed, for example on pdb_single page, they are displayed as plain text. Is it possible to put links on those records, on last_name for example, as it is on pdb_list (Single Record Link Field setting)?

    Thank you!

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    This works perfectly!
    Thank you so much!!!

    I’m already using this solution with Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin and it works well with pdb shortcodes.

    I need something like this:

    $this_guest = new PDb_Template($this); 
      global $wpdb; 
      $query = '
        SELECT last_name, first_name, role 
        FROM ' . $wpdb->prefix . 'participants_database 
        WHERE last_name LIKE '.$guestHistory.'"

    How do I implement this in a pdb_list custom template?
    If it’s too much to ask, please disregard this post, I will close the thread. Thank you anyway!!!

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    Thank you for your reply.

    I’m still having trouble sorting this out, though.
    How can I include filter as a dynamic value?

    I created a custom tab on the pdb-single page and the idea is to put
    the pdb_list shortcode inside that tab that would display only values
    filtered by last_name, first_name, but the those values should be dynamic, based on the curren record (pdb_single).

    Thank you in advance!

    Please help!
    I’m having trouble filtering the list.
    How to filter list based on 3 criteria (last name, first name and social security number)? I created custom template, but this is a problem for me.
    Help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you in advance!!!

    After some research, I gave up on that idea.
    This is what I need:
    I have a database of guests. Those guests come and go, but each time they come back they have a different ‘role’, one of few that are predefined.
    Is it possible to create custom list template to show the roles and visiting dates of just one record (person) and show that on single record page? I’m thinkig something similar to this, but it would show the visiting list of just one person, based on some criteria, instead of record edit form.
    Thank you for your reply.

    Thank you so much!!!
    Works like a charm 🙂

    Thank you for your replies.
    I finally succeeded. 🙂
    This code worked:

    if ( $this->participant_values['type1'] === 'signup1' ) {
    	echo do_shortcode( '[pdb_record groups="main,personal,passeport_details,contact_details,professional_details,work_details,airline_experience,documents"]' );
    elseif ( $this->participant_values['type1'] === 'signup2' ) { 
    	echo do_shortcode( '[pdb_record groups="main,profil_provider,contact"]' );
    elseif ( $this->participant_values['type1'] === 'signup3' ) { 
    	echo do_shortcode( '[pdb_record groups="main,service_provider"]' );
    	echo "No records.";

    I am trying to simulate multiple databases, just as you described in your tutorial. I have 5 classes of people for which I have 5 sign up pages set up.
    The problem is making multiple registration forms work. I followed your tutorial, but the forms are just not working for some reason.
    I created custom pdb_record template (used your code from your example, modified it, of course) and assigned the Record Edit page with pdb_record template=usertype code as default in PDb settings section. On the listing page I created record edit links, but when I open that record edit page it opens blank.
    I created the field named ‘field_type’ in common field group, checked it as a sign-in field and made it hidden.
    Here is the code for the pdb_record template:

     * first, check for the value that determines what kind of 
     * record edit form to show
    $type = $this->participant_record['form_type'];// form_type field in common field group, checked as a signup field and made hidden
     * now, show the record edit form for that type
    switch ( $type ) {
       case 'people-class-1': // the page with pdb_signup code
          echo do_shortcode('[pdb_record groups="common,group_1,group_3"]');
       case 'people-class-2':
          echo do_shortcode('[pdb_record groups="common,group_2,group_4"]');
          case 'people-class-3':
          echo do_shortcode('[pdb_record groups="common,group_5,group_7"]');
          case 'people-class-4':
          echo do_shortcode('[pdb_record groups="common,group_6,group_8"]');
          case 'people-class-5':
          echo do_shortcode('[pdb_record groups="common,group_9,group_10"]');
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