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  • Thank you, it worked! 🙂

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    I wanted to see the remaining post as I have 3 on one page. Is the free version designed for one fix page? So lets say I have 100 post, does that mean the free version locks 100 post on one page?

    Perfect! Thank you so much it worked! I look forward to more of your upgrades 🙂

    Thanks for the reply. I can’t even remember since my initiative post was 2weeks back & I uninstalled the plugin. Im guessing that the free version didn’t accommodate a goal I was trying to execute. I was able to find another plugin.

    As far as free vs pro. I’m very aware of great developers who worked hard deserving pay. Furthermore I’ve paid for plugins that were a perfect match for my specific needs.

    Again, great products are tossed away due to poor communication, poor instruction, & poor presentation. I myself work in a marketing business as I tend to be very picky and aware of how products are advertised.

    I enjoy plugins with ease that offer a “free” tryout” that makes me hooked to the point of being compelled to “buy”. I want to NEED your product. I hate wasting money & time as I’ve ran into horrible developers that are mostly lazy with these plugins.

    With that said, this plugin was a frustrating experience. I cant speak for 80k active plugers because I don’t know how or what they are using the plugin specifically for. I’m a website graphic designer so again, Im very picky for specific things I invest in.

    Perhaps my needs are too advance. If a person does not have or make time for learning about marketing then that is not good for business as other competitors will exploit every weak area of your product.

    If interested here are 3 suggested marketing guru’s that are AMAZING & will increase your branding, productivity & outsource competition.

    [ links redacted, please do not post links in reviews ]

    “A plugin with over 80,000 downloads” does NOT prove people keep the plugin. Furthermore people who uninstall what they don’t like do not take the time to post their 1,2,3 star opinion of the 5% you stated.

    Now, to call this a “troll fight” says alot about how you see yourself and what what your motive was when you decided to participate your opinion. If you cant handle a debate with respectful facts then don’t add your 2cents. Again this is MY experience & opinion to a product that did not deliver for ME according to the term “process” …
    My reply says it all & I’m having a good day. *big smile*

    Too much defensiveness. Not worth reading. Its MY experience & opinion. Furthermore just because someone claims to work “hard” to provide a product does NOT mean its worth being useful to particular people. Good products go to waste because of poor advertising, poor instruction & poor communication.

    For you to accuse people of rating your product wrong without finding tactful ways to ask why, or how to get more information makes YOUR PRODUCT WRONG. Its about the entire process of how you present whats being sold or presented. *sigh…take a marketing class …off to enjoy my day. 🙂

    Found it
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    That was perfect! Thank you



    Thank you so much. I figured out what it was, it was the “send emails” plugin. After deactivating a few plugins I finally realized it was that particular plugin that caused the issue.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)