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  • Hi @daveisthemusic, I’m not 100% on the method I used because I installed everything a few months back and don’t really record my steps. But, from what I can see I use it in conjunction with a pop-up plugin “WooCommerce added to cart popup (Ajax)”. I have WordPress Twenty-Seventeen Child Theme installed. I have my “cart behavior” in woocommerce “products” settings tab set to “Enable AJAX…”. It seems to work well with the page I have all my products on, and for that I have a custom list of products that I contain with CSS styles – I’m essentially using product page shortcodes that looks like this directly on a WordPress page to build my custom “store” pages:
    <div class=”boxes”>
    <div>[product_page id=”1234″]</div>
    <div>[product_page id=”5678″]</div>
    <div>[product_page id=”9101″]</div>

    …and one of those products listed above can easily be a “name your price” product, and it seems to work fine.

    With other plugins it would redirect to the product page every time someone clicked “Add To Cart”, or they just wouldn’t function. If I only added code to the php files, I could get it to stay on the same page after it refreshes, but I had trouble getting my pop-up cart to function like I wanted. So this YITH plugin works well for my needs so far. Though, I can’t confirm how well it might work with other pop-up cart plugins. Hope this helps.

    Nope. Still don’t think the problem was on my end, but, you’re right, dragozir, I probably could have worded my initial response better. It was very frustrating issue. However, since I can’t delete this review or edit the wording (considering I’d need to edit your post as well since you’ve quoted my original wording), I’ll just leave it all up there with four stars. You’re welcome.

    I figured out how to fix it (3 hours later.) Something went wrong with the page as I was creating a new page with the same name within your theme. When I noticed that I was no longer able to preview any of my pages, I just assumed the theme was broken, and I switched back to Twenty Seventeen. But when I switched, the problem presented as a “content-front-page.php” error on line 80. I reinstalled and noticed the error was still there after transferring all the pages into a new install. I think it was a duplicate page error that was resolved when I deleted the page that I had set as the home landing page. I also think it’s not a good idea to doubt your customers until you know what the issue is. I’ll raise you to 4 stars, but I’m not sure I’ll be going back to your theme.

    Hello! The update seems to have resolved all the issues I was having! Thank you so much!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)