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  • Egishooter


    it Egishooter again. I think I just found the solution to the abovementioned problem (static homepage) and want to share it here:

    I had the lingotek plugin installed. It seems, that lingotek creates for every translaten a new individual page (and as such listed in all pages), where as the standard Polylang pages are listed as one page with several translations.

    It seems, that Polylang does not recognise the different individual pages as translations of one another.

    My solution:
    I deinstalled lingotek and the creation of a static homepage worked just fine.
    The translations I am doing manually. Which is ok, as I have a very small site.

    I am not sure yet, what to do with my larger pages, though.

    I hope that was helpful!

    Take care, Egishooter

    Hello everyone,

    First of all thank you to the Polylang team for the great plugin. It is really useful for my de/en/es website.

    There is only one issue: I have the same problem as tfatzler: I cannot set the homepage and get the “The chosen static front page must be translated in all languages.” error.

    In the tutorial it says, that in languages/Settings/URL Modifications I can check a box called “the front page url contains the language code… “

    This same box does not appear in the recent version of polylang. Maybe there was a problem with the lates wp-updade.

    Does anyone know, how the homepage can be set manually? Or has another solution?

    I would be really grateful.

    Best Egishooter

    PS I meanwhile had to set the blog page as first page. Thats OK but no ideal

    Hello again!

    At the end, I did the whole setup process (download WP, config, upload on server) again.

    Now the site works perfectly. Must have been an error during the FTP upload.

    To all of you with the 500 Error. Maybe you have a backup of your content (or can do so with the database), then reinstalling could be a solution.

    All the best! Egishooter

    thank you so much for all the valuable situation. This already brought me a lot further.

    On my website (Spanish for Cordblood) I have the same Error 500, but in a different situation:

    I uploaded the wordpress-package on my server as usual. But instead of the 5min install I get the Error 500. So before WP is installed.

    The shown URL is: http: //sangre(…).com/wp-admin/install.php

    The Error Logfile contains:

    [Wed Jul 18 03:29:04 2018] [-:error] [pid 32225] [client 1XXXXXXXXXXXXX] [host] PHP Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required ‘/is/htdocs/wp1092388_JJ77ET6JM2/www/sangre/wp-includes/rest-api/endpoints/class-wp-rest-controller.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php5.6′) in /is/htdocs/wp1093288_JJ77ET6JM2/www/sangre/wp-settings.php on line 226

    I have followed the following advises:
    – exchanged .htaccess
    – used default theme
    – changed index.php file

    I have no idea, what to try next. Anyone has a suggestion?

    Thanks! Egishooter

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