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  • VC creates those random characters for certain shortcodes, like raw html. The right thing for the product feed would be to ignore/drop all shortcodes.



    I’ve narrowed it down to a plugin, so I will persue debugging with them. It is a commercial plugin by the company “Theme Complete”, Extra Product Options. It does not happen with version 4.9.6, but does with version 4.9.8 and 4.9.9.



    I still need help with this.

    I’ve found the code that is doing this, so I am now looking for how to fix this. I think I need to reset some hash in one or both of the problem products.

    The problem is happening in woocommerce/includes/class-wc-cart-session.php

    inside the function get_cart_from_session()
    There are several “if” statements which (according to comments) “Allow 3rd parties to validate this item before it’s added to cart and add their own notices.”

    The specific problematic elseif clause:

    elseif ( ! empty( $values['data_hash'] ) && ! hash_equals( $values['data_hash'], wc_get_cart_item_data_hash( $product ) ) ) { // phpcs:ignore PHPCompatibility.PHP.NewFunctions.hash_equalsFound
    				$update_cart_session = true;
    				/* translators: %1$s: product name. %2$s product permalink */
    				wc_add_notice( sprintf( __( '%1$s has been removed from your cart because it has since been modified. You can add it back to your cart <a href="%2$s">here</a>.', 'woocommerce' ), $product->get_name(), $product->get_permalink() ), 'notice' );
    				do_action( 'woocommerce_remove_cart_item_from_session', $key, $values );

    so what I get from the above, there is some value being returned by wc_get_cart_item_data_hash( $product ) that tells this clause that this product has been modified. What can I reset/change in the product to fix this value to not be in conflict with the other product? How could this have happened?

    Or, perhaps, the problem is the value in the cart’s $values['data_hash']. How does that get messed up, but only by these two specific products? I could comment out this section of code, but clearly this is protecting me from the rare case that I’m editing a product while a customer has it in their cart.

    I look forward to any help at all. Thank you.

    It took some playing around, but I’ve gotten the brand in the feed consistently, and it changes to “Identifier exists” to “Yes” when the brand is present. Thank you.

    Updating to 5.0.2 seems to have fixed the problem I was having. I can now get to visual and text modes in the tabs, both in bare classic editor, and in text element boxes.

    James, I’m curious if you’ve tried this update, and if it helped.

    Possible, but on my staging site exhibiting the bug I disabled WPBakery, and the bug in the classic editor is still there. The tabs show up, but you can only use the one you start in. I no longer have the option of the Frontend editor, of course. So … it may still be related, though it could look different depending on what plugins are installed.

    Another clue: The WPBakery “Backend Editor” shows the bug, but the “Frontend” editor still has both tabs that work in the text element. Pasting rich text (including links) works as expected. Opening those pages in the backend editor or the classic editor do not work properly.

    The Classic editor does show both tabs, but regardless of the tab shown, it acts like the “text” tab, and clicking the tab does not switch, it just creates the “Active” (blue) halo around the tab, but doesn’t go anywhere.

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by edwardroofvents. Reason: Crossed out wrong info. The Visual tab does act like the Visual Tab when you manage to get to it in the Classic editor

    Another clue: When using the “classic Editor” bare on a page, the Visual tab is there, but when I click on it, it gets a blue halo (active?) but the Visual tab never really opens. Text editing is all that is available.

    Regarding staging sites, I have two. I updated both to 5.01. The older one (cloned from production maybe 3 weeks ago) is working fine. The other one (cloned this week) is exhibiting the bug.

    Oh, and none of these sites use Jetpack, so that is almost certainly not involved.

    I just noticed (and I updated to 5.01 today) that I have no Visual tab in my WPBakery text block element. I have Classic Editor installed. Pages render OK, but I wanted to paste some text from another page that contained links, and now only the text shows up. Anyone know if there is a reason the Visual tab had to be removed? I’m posting on this thread, because it seems to be related.

    – Edited to add:

    A staging site clone of my production site (where the problem is happening) is NOT having the problem, the text and Visual tabs show up as normal, and the staging site was also updated to 5.01. So … weird. The staging site is almost identical to the production site, but it has diverged somewhat in terms of plugins, etc. I won’t have time to dig into this more today, but clearly it’s not as simple as pointing fingers at the update. *sigh*

    Install the “Classic Editor” plugin, and activate it. That should put things back the way they were.

    Otto: I have Wordfence, but when I got the update to work (on my staging site) I didn’t change anything there. Wordfence was not one of the plugins that needed an update.

    There was no indication that the [continue] button was failing, but any attempt to go to any admin function ended up at that [continue] screen, then the continue button brought me back (still logged in with the admin bar at the top) to the site home page. There must be some “do once” variable that wasn’t being set. It should never show that screen twice, right?

    Follow-up: I have Cloudways backup every 6 hours. I restored from that backup, and I’m back up. I’ll add that I had disabled the auto update, and thought I was only updating plugins from the dashboard “update” screen. I had only checked one plugin … but apparently if there is a wordpress update, it does that FIRST (Not what I expected would happen)

    After the backup was restored, I updated all the plugins and themes that needed it, then created a staging clone of the site. On the staging site I installed the Classic editor and activated it, checked that all themes and plugins were updated, and then updated to v5.0. This time it worked, and I could still edit my pages. (I have another staging clone that, without the “classic editor” plugin, cannot use my Visual Composer/WP Bakery interface interface) I’m not doing any more today.

    From what I understand, the 5.0 update doesn’t even do any database changes … there must be an easy fix for the looping problem, but I’m very grateful I decided to backout with my backup. I’m very lucky no new orders came in before the restore completed.

    This is not working for me. I’ve flushed memcache, Varnish, and CDN, still can’t get to admin. Other ideas?

    Same error as above. The site is working fine, but I cannot get into admin. Anytime I try, I’m told the database is already upgraded… and I’m bounced back to the front end. I tried flushing all caches on my host ( to no avail.

    I have the exact same question. I see the exported regex redirects, but the imported regex redirects do not work. I will followup with support email, but this seems like a simple enough question to explain in documentation…

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