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  • It’s pretty vague, usually the header, but said it depends on the theme. Placing it in the header did not work. But now I came across an article that Mailchimp does not work with WordPress and you have to do extra coding to get it to work, so not sure I’ll use Mailchimp now. Thanks for the response.

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    Thanks, that was the first thing I did, along with other recommendations from Yoast. No results. I went ahead and generated my own sitemap from an external service and uploaded it to my domain files. I’m perplexed why Yoast could not achieve this.

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    oops, didn’t finish, there is no support unless you buy it, and I’m not going to buy unless I know it’s preforming as expected.

    Ah, I found the solution after much research. Add the plugin Black STudio Tiny MCE Widget, and it allows you to add a “visual editor” widget rather than a “text” widget to your widget areas that eliminates the spacing issues. good luck!

    having same problem, the theme developer is not much help, but here’s the code he gave me to add to functions.php file, maybe it will help you, it brought my site down, but I didn’t know exactly where to place it, so I removed it, maybe you know where to place it?


    He also said remove all spaces in the widget code, did not help my issue. the <p>’s and </br>’s are not showing up in the text tab, and I don’t know what file to go to in order to remove those.

    still having problems with this? I had the same problem, but discovered that I had installed wordpress as a multi-site, and you have to be in the network admin section to add a new theme. check under “my sites” at top left.

    Guys, I’ve been working for hours trying to figure out this bug and I FINALLY figured out the problem!!! In the tax options tab, select the following:

    Prices entered with tax: No, I will enter prices exclusive of tax
    Calculate tax based on: Shop based address
    Shipping Tax Class Standard: Standard
    Rounding: checked
    Display prices in shop: Excluding Taxes (makes sense)
    Display prices during Cart and Checkout: EXCLUDING TAXES!!!! [this was the culprit, it would make sense to display including, but it’s referring to the prices before total and tax, and you don’t want the tax included in those numbers.]

    I also just filled in the country and state fields in the standard tax rate tab, and left the city and zip as asterisk, but I don’t think this was the problem.

    Naughty WooCommerce does NOT tell us this, I suppose they want us to buy the premium so we can get the support, so they leave out essential details from their tuts. Very Clever!!!!

    Hope this helps some people, because no other threads that I read found the solution.

    Ah! I have the solution!

    If you have a look at our configuring settings documentation, you’ll see this under Default Customer Address

    Geolocate with page caching support is the same as above, but does the geolocation via Ajax. You may notice your website URLs have a ?v=xxxxx appended to them. This is normal to prevent static caching of prices.

    Can you check this setting? This won’t affect your page ranking since this is done on the customers computer.

    Hope this helps others!

    Same thing has happened to me, and I’m certain it’s Woocommerce because I just have Woocommerce plugin activated ONLY. I deactivated ALL plugins, purged the cache, URL is back to normal, turned on Woocommerce ONLY, and the bad URL reappears. So I know this is an issue with Woocommerce. Maybe it’s conflicting with my theme, but I really like the theme, and the developer programmed it to work with Woocommerce, so it should work with the theme. I’ve already contacted the developer of the theme, and she said something about permalinks which I checked and they look fine to me.

    WooCommerce added this string at the end of my URL on ALL pages: ?v=25ef4c8004c3

    I really want to use Woocommerce on my site.



    Yes, me too! the visual editor text area is not functional, no tools, and I can’t click in the text area, this is only within the last day or so, I used it fine a couple days ago. I deactived a couple plugins I added since, but that did not help. Please reply soon. I need to get this website up and running.

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