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  • Hey,

    Thank you so much for all your input, I’m so grateful and will endeavour to learn and implement from these links. Can’t thank you enough and I imagine will be in touch again later, but just saying thanks before the tide comes in, will defo look into site accessibility too. Take it easy. Best, ds

    Hey, okay thank you, yea I could probably make the css changes via the site origins plugin which stands me a chance of saving time, although i’m pretty happy with what i just achieved for now, although again would like to know css/html a bit better!

    Yeah for what it’s worth I may as well list what I need support with while searching for the appropriate support forums, its like a jungle out there! I have already listed a couple of things on github to theme designer but had no reply as yet.

    1. Is there anyway that you or a theme user can stop the navigation/menu boxes from highlighting (= red box) when pointer hovers over? Same is true for footer items and also some images. (Wouldn’t mind a change of colour or brightness etc).

    2. Is there anyway to make the drop down menus respond smoother when hovering pointer over? So basically any general changes to make the site more fluid.

    3. At the end of a post where you get the arrows < previous / Next > – etc I’d like more autonomy in when and where they appear. Some places i’d prefer there not to be an option, other places I’d like them to lead onto particular posts and not in a sequential order as such.

    4. Next up, I’d like to know how to / know the code for a) applying a ‘read more’ link, so for example longer posts could be shortened in places, but with the option of reading more if so the reader prefers; and b) where a link will not only take the reader to another page, but to a particular paragraph, either on the same page or another one.

    5. I’ve kind have forgot how to set up an addon site, although I’m not far off. I think instead of creating a new folder in ‘public folder’ called for example: Medicinal Teas ( – maybe i just need to install another version of wordpress for the addon site, although won’t it conflict with existing installation – the other alternative is to enable multiple site function within wordpress opposed to having separate ones but seems a bit too complex from tutorials i’ve seem so far, but i’m guessing would take up less space.


    Thanks a lot – I’ve basically added a few more longstanding queries I’ve had here or have attempted to get help on or study up etc. So will use this as a catalogue – but yeahhh would be fantastic if you or flok/here could help me resolve some of the above etc.

    Kind regards, ds

    Hey, yea thats it.

    I was using the following code:

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=””&gt;

    Which displayed a smaller image. I tried adding some html: img width=”etc” height=”etc” but wasn’t getting any joy so I added uploaded the image and hyper linked it up instead.

    Would it have been possible to increase size by adding html to the code?

    I have one or two more separate issues that I would like some advice on. Would it be ok to ask you, or should I make a seperate post?

    Kind regards ds

    Nice one Micropat, it did the trick here too, url was:
    Will rate anyshare 5 out 5 everytime

    Forum: Fixing WordPress
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    You guys are sensational – thanks a lot, I’ve just reset firefox and all is running like clock work, it never crossed my mind to try that but thanks a lot – many thanks

    Hi Randy,

    Thanks a lot, I basically replaced the Geo Counter Widget with a Revolver Maps Widget. So it looks like I’ll have to cut my loses with stats i.e. site counts & nationality flags from last year, although I’ve accumulated a some via Revolver Maps over the last couple of months since implementing a 2D map in the footer. So the globe appears bear compared to before and the border size of the widget is slightly smaller and hence is out of line with the rest of the sidebar content. Nevertheless, I’ve altered the background colour so it is less noticeable. It will have to do for now.

    Brilliant, follow us, keep in touch. Many thanks (Y)

    Cheers Randy,

    I have a plugin called Geo Counter which is the spinning globe.

    The same scrambled message persists even when accessing the widget from the dashboard.

    There seems no way to delete the text. I’ve tried restoring the website but the issue persists.

    I may replace or reinstall the plugin – just a shame to loose the stats/

    Thanks you! And for the info.

    I wonder if its a hack.

    Forum: Fixing WordPress
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    Hello Alchymyth,

    Thanks for your response. Oh good, at least there is no technical error as I had thought. I basically thought that the post was quite long and that it would have been useful to slip a more tag in to skip some of the jargon and leave remain the main paragraph/s – just a bit of experimental stuff i guess.

    Thanks for the info about the next page tag, I often wondered how that worked. However, one thing I would like (fell asleep at this point, would love to know what I was going to say!)

    So more tags are not intended to shorten/compact single posts…

    Regards D

    Hi Mattyrob, the other plugin that seems to cause the same issue is ‘link to facebook’ but that seems that happens only when I update the plugin. Do you think the iframe is generated by this and the subscribe2 plugins… therefore, if I play around with settings I can make the iframe invisible or even remove it? (I’m not very technical) Thanks!

    Maxine, thanks for you input, much appreciated! I’d love to know what was the cause. And it would be useful to know how to manipulate the php to make it look right! But as noted, i hadn’t meddled with any php file for while, so i doubt that php edit was the problem!

    I’ve just done a directory restore, unchecking the database restore box, and it seems to have put things right without loosing and recent post/page edits I’ve made, so I’m buzzing for now. There’s a hundred other stuff i’d like advice on, but not urgent !

    🙂 Thanks again !

    One thing I did do not all that long ago was try to replace the wordpress logo with my logo, by giving my logo the same name and replacing wp logo – i.e. sometimes when posting to facebook, it would throw up a big wp logo (with all due respect!), but the exchange didn’t even work, sometime it would still display the wp logo, strange..

    Another thing is the info in the footer seems to be right justified, which is partly due to the option of having an image (images/chalice-watermark-dark.gif) displayed to the left, so when choosing no image it looks a bit odd. I would also like to add more content to the footer in an orderly fashion,inserting links in columns etc. Then I’d like to replace the geo globe (which has a sidebar widget) with a revolver map/globe which only has html code, which i need to put in the right place/php to make it show up in the side bar. Blah blah!

    Thanks again !

    Okay thanks for for this, I found I had to Offset the ticks px by 1500+ to avoid conflict, plus introduce some manual spacing to spread the ticks out etc. Thanks

    Okay, thank you. I haven’t got round to going through disabling all the plugins yet, but I have moved the ticker to a different page where it seems to do doing okay: So am not quite sure what the conflict was.

    However, I’ve come across a different issue I’m sure you heard this before, but, I’ve noticed on some scrolling ticks, they suddenly cut out before the scroll/tick completes the sentence etc. Such as:


    Is there a limit to the length and/or time of a tick?

    Thank you.

    Dear Joe Mc,

    I’ve got another problem. Its happened a few times when publishing a new tick. But I usually manage to play with the settings and put it right. When this page was posted the other day the tick was working fine (height around 170), but today on inspection, it seems to have gone haywire:

    What causes this…

    Many thanks again (Y)

    Hi, yes you are spot on, seems thats waht it is. Kind regards

    Please let me know if you make any progress on this one, i.e. adding start/end time parameter to the plugin would be useful for bypassing irrelevant commentary on audios etc. Nice app though! 10/10

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