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    Why don’t you make something new based on Gutenberg? Name it WordPublish or whatever you like.

    PLEASE DON’T DESTROY WORDPRESS! I’m shocked since the day this came up.

    There are old people or young without experience who use WP for their sites. It has taken us ages to educate them using the classic WordPress. Please don’t do this, it will be a disaster.

    Keep it optional if you want but don’t ruin classic WordPress. We need it the way we loved it!

    Forum: Reviews
    In reply to: [Gutenberg] A Total MESS
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    Hello Tammie and thank you for asking.

    First of all I don’t just use wordpress for me and my clients.

    I’m in love with wordpress since 2007 and it was a love at first sight to the code and its simplicity compared with other cms platforms we used at that time such as subdreamer if I need to mention one.

    So I’m a loyal user who believed in wordpress since 2007 and visioned what the wordpress will become while others used to consider it as a blogging platform.

    For many years we had hard times to make all those we wanted without messing up with code. Visual composer gave us what we needed in a very simple and clear way that other like VC plugins couldn’t manage it so well.

    I’m sure you know that many themes has their own built in composer. None of them has the look and feel, the ease and flexibiity of VC. I only buy themes that support VC.

    To reply to your question, Gutenberg should be another (exactly the same) VC. Otherwise build it as a plugin and give the option of both to users.

    This is a shot of what I see with Gutenberg

    It DOESN’T remind me of wordpress.

    This is a shot of what I see with VC

    It IS WordPress!!!

    My beloved WordPress that I know where everything is located better than my palm.

    PLEASE!! Don’t destroy WordPress.

    WordPress MUST remain what we always knew and LOVE.

    Best regards

    In function.php works like a charm! Thank you so much!!!

    I just had to remove <?php from top

    // restore old dropdown category filter on admin products page
    // snippet goes in functions.php for your child theme if you have one, or you can use the “My Custom Functions” plugin
    add_action( ‘restrict_manage_posts’, ‘wcacd_category_dropdown’, 15 );
    function wcacd_category_dropdown() {
    // show the old dropdown category filter from WC 3.1.2
    wc_product_dropdown_categories( array( ‘option_select_text’ => __( ‘Filter by category’, ‘woocommerce’ ) ) );
    // hide the WC 3.2+ ajax category filter
    print ‘<style>.post-type-product .tablenav div .select2 {display:none;}</style>’;

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