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  • Hi cchetanonline, excellent plug-in!

    Contrary to what a few small-minded people said in previous comments, most people do NOT know about keyboard shortcuts. And, for the most part, those that know about viewing a page’s source code (much less how to do it) are designers and programmers β€”and most who know how (or why) to turn JavaScript on or off know something about design and/or programming, computers, viruses, etc.β€” so no, most people are not going to know how to readily bypass your plug-in.

    Furthermore, most people on the internet are those who have been on for a year or less and are at a stage where they are familiar with email and may have just built their first animated-gif-stuffed, two-page “website.” They are so new to concepts such as this, that, when they encounter it, it’s a wonder to them and they want it for their own site.

    As for the argument of people grabbing content through RSS, GOOD! So, by using this plug-in, you’ve managed to *force* people to subscribe to your RSS feed. πŸ˜‰

    So, for those attention-seekers who’ve done nothing but insult someone who you should be encouraging, step outside of you little clique and open up your minds. The world that you came from still exists and is full of people who, just like you, are looking to be excepted, encouraged and given, at least, one chance to succeed.

    Keep at it cchetanonline! Check the following links and see if they help you.

    Disabling Firefox keyboard shortcuts with JavaScript

    How to disable keyboard shortcuts in IE7 / IE8

    javascript disable keyboard shortcuts – Google Search

    Nevermind. I have numbers beside my categories, but all of my links are broken. Wait! That’s not true. Each and every one of them leads to a 404 error! So, it’s not ALL bad. (I hope this isn’t the bright side)


    Data. Star…

    ting from scratch.

    Damn it, Jim. I’m not a WordPress expert!

    Thanks esmi! I was having a problem with drop-down arrows not working and not being able to tag my posts. Deactivating and reactivating solved the down arrow problem, but the post tag problem eventually led to a reinstallation…

    More details are here, if any one needs ’em.

    Hi initialsbr,

    Download NoteTab. It will allow you to create and save .htaccess files.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)