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  • Thanks for looking at it. I can provide a list of what was installed but its not a major issue now. As I continued working on my web app it became clear that even if I could get them in the tabs that would be too much information for page to load in a reasonable time (Each day has 150+ items and its 7 days.. ) So I’ve already restructured the site so I’ll put each “day” on its own page rather than on its own tab to avoid loading information that is not needed.

    Other things installed included at that time were
    All-in-One Event Calendar by
    Comprehensive Google Map Plugin
    Feed Them Social
    Leaflet Maps Marker
    No Page Comment

    Different users.. partial answer and a realted question.

    I was able to modify tablepress to get them to work somewhat
    editing line 90 of file class-tablepress.php to read
    public static $shortcode = 'tptable';

    then I use [tptable id=3 /] to insert tablepress tables.

    Works great on most pages..

    By I have a related question.. When I try to use a computed short code (such as tptable) code from inside certain ESB items, such as tab’s or accordions, the embedded items are only properly computed in the “active” or “in” items… if the tab is not active there is an empty shell of a table but it looks like the php to extract the table contents is never called. Any ideas how to get ebs to properly render the content of a tab? shows the problems
    Code on the page looks like this:

    [toggles class="yourcustomclass"]
    [toggle title="Monday number 1" class="in"][tptable id=8 /][/toggle]
    [toggle title="Accordion number 2"]
    [tptable id=8 /]
    Toggle 2 content goes here.[/toggle]
    [toggle title="Accordion number 3"]
    [tptable id=8 /]
    Toggle 3 content goes here.[/toggle]
    This page provides the program at a glance, with session names/room/times. You can find details on what papers are in each session on the calendar [fa class="fa-calendar" ]
    [tabs class="Program"]
    [tab title="Mon. Wksp"active="active" ]
    Monday Workshop Room List
    [tptable id=8 /]
    [tab title="Tues" ]
    Tuday paper list
    [tptable id=8 /]
    [tab title="Wed. " ]
    Wed Session List
    [tptable id=8 /]
    [tab title="Thurs" ]
    Thurs Session List
    [tptable id=8 /]
    [tab title="Fri Wksp" active="active" ]
    Friday Workshop Room List
    [tptable id=8 /]

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)