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  • Solved. If anybody get stuck about this just set option disable js load in admin -> instagram feed -> customize

    Actually I found what’s the problem:


    This options if I set it to true

    if ( !$settings[‘disable_js_image_loading’] ) {

    before this line in class-sb-instagram-display-elements.php I got it working. But I do not know what parameters to set when calling shortcode. Parameter


    does not exist. So what should I pass to shortcode or which other methods I have to call to make it works?

    After all, I decided to work only on the production server. So the staging server is not in this story.

    Last night I triggered regenerate on all images. Of course, the backup option was on and bulk was set to 20. After a few minutes process was stuck due to an error. After that, I run the process again with a bulk set to 1 and it runs for 6 hours and processed just 300 images. One of the images took 295 seconds to proceed! After that, I stopped the process. When I checked what happened I sow that many images are missing. I see them on the back like small icons in media library but there are many which are not present as featured images or in posts etc.

    I checked logs, it seems that images which are processed are ok but those who were on Google cloud are now missing! How to solve this issue?

    Steps @alimuzzamanalim says in the first reply are not all. It seems that something is done in the database at the beginning of the process. Can you help me and point somewhere?

    I sow your answer today. Thanks, @alimuzzamanalim for your answer. I have one more question about this:

    I have a production and staging server. If I do bulk sync on a staging server to regenerate images with backup option can something happen to images on the production server or on Google Cloud so I lost images on production? Can anything change there? Urls? Anything? Is it 100% sure that there will be images available on both servers?

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)