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  • Thanks, worked fine for me, I just want to add, that you have to switch off “Read More”-links in the customizer, otherwise it is doubled on posts without a manual exerpt.

    To have them styled as usual (in the agama style!), don’t forget to add the class to the html-element:

    function custom_excerpt($text) {  // custom 'read more' link
       if (strpos($text, '[...]')) {
          $excerpt = strip_tags(str_replace('[...]', '... <a class="more-link" href="'.get_permalink().'">Read More...</a>', $text), "<a>");
       } else {
          $excerpt = '<p>' . $text . '<a class="more-link" href="'.get_permalink().'">Read More...</a></p>';
       return $excerpt;
    add_filter('the_excerpt', 'custom_excerpt');
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    Hello there,
    thanks for that extremely quick support, worked fine.


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    Hello Vrunda Kansara,

    thanks for your quick reply.

    Sadly, the custom classes do not solve every problem, I already use them.

    # Still thousands of reviews cluttering the database.

    # Adding IDs is imposssible in combination with styling through the plug-ins interface. If I style them completly through a class, so I can add both, class and ID for a modal for example or GA-tracking, the whole plug-in doesn’t make sense any more… Too, it’s dramatically limiting the useability of the blocks, if I can’t add custom html. Means no additional heading or a link in a timeline-block. No Buttons, headings, lists in that price-list block, which would make them a good and versatile option for many usecases. (yeah, i know I can put a class on the container and a selector chain down to the “a” to make it look like a button… but what about headings for SEO reasons, lists for many features?)

    # Importing the Database via SQL is not the problem with the IDs, using the Import/Export through the WP-Interface is. This is not a big thing, as these function fails on so many ends, that it isn’t an option in the most usecases anyway. I just brought this up, cause this is just another (very minor) inconvinience caused by that ID-method.

    Not gonna discuss user experience, cause this depends on, what kind of user you have in mind. I don’t know, what kind of users you aim at and in what direction the future development goes. So this is not really a support-request, but a feedback.
    I wanted to point out, that this use of IDs creates a lot of unnesseccary restrictions. It puts the plug-in more on the side of page-builders, where all the options are served through the interface, but whenever the premade options do not fit my needs, I am doomed. So I could create a feature-request for all that above (give me lists and headings in price-lists etc.), but that would end up in a kind of page-builder, not in a versatile helper, that gives me a basement to create whatever I want to achive on top of it.

    And at this point, I do not see the use of the plug-in anymore: Depending on the project, I would go for a theme + pagebuilder or for something custommade with just some plug-ins as helpers and timesavers. If the helper fails at some needs, and I not only have to write it from the scratch, but too overwrite, it doesn’t save me time.

    But again: I am maybe just not the kind of user, the plug-in is made for. I anyway appreciate your time and effort! Thank you.

    Kind regards
    Dorothee Schuster

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    Thanks for your answers.

    @the Hack Repair Guy
    Possibly the theme has not been updated, because it wasn’t the activ one, and that was the problem (or not). Yes, I am lazy, I only hit “yes” on the suggested updates… What I know for sure is, that it was not a login at the FTP, because the server-logs did not record any log-in for that account in the relevant time span.

    @jan Dembowski
    Yes, everyone has it and that’s the reason I thought, if there’s any chance, better report it. 😉

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