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  • Hi Pamello,

    Yes, my old index page is “www.mydomain/index.html”

    I wanted to know how to find out the specific address/page name for my new WordPress index page which resides in: “www.mydomain/new”

    (I have yet to action any re-directs, so old HTML site still live.)



    Many thanks for your posts.

    So as I understand, as regards placement of WordPress files, as long as I make that WordPress folder the root directory, there will be no detrimental impact to SEO – that’s great.

    As regards SEO;

    1. If I use 301 redirects, the SEO will remain intact, but if I have made the new WordPress version of the pages more SEO friendly than the original HTML version, what does Google use for future ranking, the old HTML version of the page, the new WordPress version of the page or a combination of both?

    2. Once I make the changes to the root directory and include the 301 redirects, what shows in Google organic search to the user? Is it the link/excerpt from the old HTML version of the page, or the link/excerpt from the new WordPress version?

    3. Hartmutnz – regarding your point about leaving old pages in place and posting a message to tell the user to visit the new site: what would happen if I just used some sort of redirect script on these old pages? Is this acceptable to search engines, or would they deem this to be some form of gateway style page and ban me?

    Many thanks for your help & advice,

    Hi Franciscus,

    Many thanks for all of your advice.

    Your post 1:
    I did have a look at both files as you suggested,and tried a few things, but I’m afraid my php skills are non existent – so nothing worked. Would any required changes just be to the template results page, or would other associated files also likely need amending?

    Your post 2: When I activate seamless integration, it just refers back to the search result format for the theme.

    Thanks again!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)