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  • ice00,
    I have three websites and have installed the WP-IP2Nation-Installer plugin on all of them. They all seem to be correctly saving the map data now.
    Did you make some changes, or does the map data work on some websites, but not all websites?
    I like your plugin, and if this issue has been fixed, I will make a donation.

    Thanks for your response ice00.
    I would like to see accurate stats on the Maps graph, so would encourage you to make this change.
    I was using the WP StatSurfer plugin and it seems to capture the visitor information correctly for the Maps view.
    You might look at the StatSurfer plugin to see how they are capturing this data. Maybe it will give you some ideas.


    Hi ice00.
    I just installed NewStatPress on several WP websites and I am having the same problems that ‘aprox’ was having.
    In the “Countries/Languages” map under “Details”, the information shows all visitors coming from just three countries: “EN, RU and ZH”. I know this is not right because the “Spy” data shows many other countries.
    Then I installed the WP “ip2nation” plugin, but this did not change things.
    All visitor data still shows everyone coming from “EN, RU and ZH”.

    I did a normal “install” and “activate” for the “ip2nation” plugin. Is there something else that has to be done to make it work with NewStatPress? I am using WP
    Any other suggestions to get the country data to display correctly?

    After much searching on WP, I found a plugin that works great.
    “Hover Image”, allows you to swap images with a mouseover of the cursor.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)