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  • Hello @ahmedkaludi,

    I have maybe 1 or 2 comments under posts. And before updating to latest AMP version, everything was working fine. Seems like something in the new update causes 504 error regarding comments.



    I have found the exact reason.
    In AMP settings, under Comments tab if I switch off “WordPress Comments”
    (Enable/Disable WordPress comments using this switch.) AMP pages loads correctly. Not generating 504 error. But of course READ COMMENTS button is not visible anymore.

    Any idea what can be the issue?


    Hello @ahmedkaludi,

    I have done some more investigation and found out that 504 error only generated when there is a comment in the post. If post doesn’t have any comments, AMP pages are working properly. So it doesn’t have any connection with domain etc. In all domains its same.
    If post has a comment, AMP page returns 504 error.

    If needed I can provide you login details and you can check it closer. Just enough if you provide me your email address.

    Regarding your questions:
    1- Nope I haven’t installed/update any plugin recently.
    2- No bot, no hacker etc. Its clean.

    Thanks in advance.




    Hello @ahmedkaludi

    Seems like all errors I mentioned in above post solved with the latest update 0.9.64

    Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work!


    Hi @ahmedkaludi

    I have updated plugin to 0.9.63, clear all caches and made some tests.

    Below errors generated:

    PHP Notice: Undefined index: ampforwp-category-base-removel-link in /data/www/XXXXXX/XXXXXX/www/wp-content/plugins/accelerated-mobile-pages/base_remover/base_remover.php on line 46

    PHP Notice: Undefined index: ampforwp-tag-base-removal-link in /data/www/XXXXXX/XXXXXX/www/wp-content/plugins/accelerated-mobile-pages/base_remover/base_remover.php on line 47

    PHP Notice: Undefined index: amp-on-off-for-all-posts in /data/www/XXXXXX/XXXXXX/www/wp-content/plugins/accelerated-mobile-pages/templates/features.php on line 3739

    PHP Notice: Undefined index: amp-on-off-for-all-posts in /data/www/XXXXXX/XXXXXX/www/wp-content/plugins/accelerated-mobile-pages/install/index.php on line 49

    PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant AMPFORWP_DM_SOCIAL_CHECK - assumed AMPFORWP_DM_SOCIAL_CHECK in /data/www/XXXXXX/XXXXXX/www/wp-content/plugins/accelerated-mobile-pages/templates/features.php on line 384

    PHP Notice: Undefined index: type in /data/www/XXXXXX/XXXXXX/www/wp-content/plugins/accelerated-mobile-pages/includes/options/redux-core/framework.php on line 2962

    and this Redux one (I am not developing online so don’t know what can be the issue)

    Could you please assist me solving these issues. Thanks in advance.

    Several more PHP notices popped up after update, so I am adding them here. I guess they can be fixed with some small code changes.

    PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant AMPFORWP_DM_SOCIAL_CHECK - assumed 'AMPFORWP_DM_SOCIAL_CHECK' in /data/www/xxxxx/website/www/wp-content/plugins/accelerated-mobile-pages/templates/features.php on line 344

    PHP Notice: Function AMP_Post_Template::verify_and_include has not been used in the right way. Path validation for template () failed. Path cannot traverse and must be located in WP_CONTENT_DIR. Please see <a href="">Debugging in WordPress</a> for more information. (Tato zpráva se nově zobrazuje od verze 0.1.) in /data/www/xxxxx/website/www/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4138

    PHP Notice: Undefined variable: post_id in /data/www/xxxxx/website/www/wp-content/plugins/accelerated-mobile-pages/templates/design-manager/design-3/style.php on line 5

    PHP Notice: Undefined index: opt-color-rgba in /data/www/xxxxx/website/www/wp-content/plugins/accelerated-mobile-pages/templates/design-manager/design-3/style.php on line 318

    WordPress 4.7.4
    PHP 7.1.4

    • This reply was modified 2 years, 6 months ago by dogacankanat. Reason: code box breakdown

    I am receiving the same PHP notice too and 1 error after updating to the latest version 0.9.49

    PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /data/www/xxxxx/website/www/wp-content/plugins/accelerated-mobile-pages/accelerated-moblie-pages.php on line 39

    // Frontpage and Blog page check from reading settings.
    function ampforwp_name_blog_page() {
    	$page_for_posts  =  get_option( 'page_for_posts' );
    	$post = get_post($page_for_posts); 
    	$slug = $post->post_name;
    	return $slug;
    function ampforwp_custom_post_page() {
    	$front_page_type  =  get_option( 'show_on_front' );
    	return $front_page_type;

    line 39 is exactly $slug = $post->post_name;

    Second error is:
    Undefined index: type in /data/www/xxxx/website/www/wp-content/plugins/accelerated-mobile-pages/includes/options/redux-core/framework.php on line 2962

    WordPress 4.7.4
    PHP 7.1.4

    Hello Lester,

    You are a star 🙂

    Problem solved after adding tables for each.

    I guess problem can be connected to “MultiSite Clone Duplicator”. When it was cloning the subsites it didn’t create the “wp_ratings” tables for them. But strange part is that, even though i deactivate and reactivate tables not created automatically.

    Anyway, whomever wants to create tables manually for their subsites can use the above SQL query.

    Once more thanks for the fast response and have a nice day.


    Hello Lester,

    Thanks for your quick response.

    In my database I have only one “wp_ratings” table even though I have 6 sub directory blogs.

    I network activated the plugin, also tried to disable network activate and went to each plugin page separately and activate like that also, but no change.

    I have only one “wp_ratings” table in my database and that’s for the main site. For the other sites I don’t have “wp_2_ratings”, “wp_3_ratings”… etc.

    I can see your module in all blogs admin plugin pages and it seems like it works fine in front-end however, since these tables for each blog is not created automatically I am receiving the error.

    Any idea how to fix that?
    Or any SQL query that I can run in phpmyadmin?
    I need tables for wp_2_ratings to wp_6_ratings.

    Thanks in advance.



    Thanks for the quick response.

    The fix will be included in the next update?

    Btw, I think it is better to leave wp-debug.log on so that we can see if any problems occur 🙂


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