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  • Apparently, if it’s only categories which are being flagged then there’s nothing to worry about.

    You may find that your SEO plugin is set to apply noindex to categories (or other things) in its settings page, and that’s why it happens.

    Thank you, @Ischuyler, that looks to be exactly what I was after.

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    Set notify flag

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    Thanks, Greg.

    Yes, I realise that there are differences between methods used, but the ones I’m seeing here are massively different, that’s all.

    Thanks anyway.

    I think you need to take another look at the original post, Jason.

    What you THINK I said is not actually what I DID say, nor was the tone anything like your ballistic responses suggest. Slimstat is not installed on my site any longer, and I am surprised that you seem to suggest that it is. You seem to have picked up a huge bee in your bonnet about my comment (that’s all it was) concerning response times, and are still of the persuasion (well, you persuaded yourself, anyway) that I was somehow a freeloader.

    The simple fact was that from one version to the next, site traffic dropped by a factor of 1.5x, which wasn’t backed up by independent data and simple visual monitoring, hence Slimstat wasn’t working properly.

    You can rest assured that, especially now, it will remain the case that it isn’t installed. And I will think twice in future about making donations if this is how donors are treated.

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    Jason, I noticed you have edited your previous reply.

    Just to clarify. I said that I was not questioning differences between Slimstat and Jetpack – meaning the actual numbers – but since they both agreed pretty much for a whole two years, and Slimstat data had dived off a cliff immediately following the last update whereas Jetpack’s was holding (even showing increased traffic), I was raising a question based on that. It’s quite logical, actually..

    I also said that Jetpack hits were logging search terms, indicating that they were not false hits.

    In your reply to me you said that Slimstat was logging normally. It was at that point I closed the ticket, since if Slimstat truly WAS operating normally, and yet was logging data differently to the tune of a factor of close to 1.5x down between 2 April and 3 April (and thereafter) it was no longer of use to me.

    Something had gone wrong. Absolutely and definitely.

    I am truly sorry you have taken the stance that you have. I donated to the plugin 1 February 2016 – I have the receipt in front of me, though it would have been from a different email address (my Paypal account) – but, quite simply, Slimstat stopped working for me and the prognosis as far as timescales were concerned was looking very long, during which time I would have no useful stats. I could not review it as 5 stars on that basis.

    I have no choice but to use Jetpack at the moment, so if it makes you happy that I am having to use that instead of Slimstat then I am glad for you.

    I really am surprised and sorry you have taken this the way you have (assuming you don’t edit your earlier reply further).

    Sorry you took that attitude, Jason. It’s a shame you can’t read – I made a donation to the plugin, and I pointed out that the day’s delay wasn’t bad except for the fact my data were going to become more inaccurate the longer the issue took to resolve.

    I refrained from mentioning that the reply I received after one day told me my data were being “recorded without any problems” (that’s a quote).

    The whole point was that they WERE NOT being recorded without any problems. They have more than halved, when traffic has actually increased.

    My review was an honest one based on my experience. I hope you’re not suggesting I give it five stars even though it wasn’t working? And I wasn’t overly critical, pointing out that it was a shame (I actually liked the darned thing these last two years).

    In case you missed it that second time I said it, because I don’t like false accusations, I made a donation to the plugin some time ago. I do things like that, though I sometimes wonder why.

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    This is the URL, Kasal

    Setting new likes is no problem – but all existing ones are gone

    OK, got it.

    It seems I left it too long and they have disappeared for good. No matter.

    Just setting notify flag to alert me of replies

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    Clearing the cache worked for me, but the graphs are now full width so I had to shuffle the reports/widgets around.

    IN a future update it would be nice if these could auto-resize depending on what reports are placed adjacent to them, like the previous version.

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    Well, I also did both of those things – I suspect it was one of those that did the damage.

    I have noticed that although the 503 error is reported, drafts are posted to my blog (most of the time) from WLW – but it is messy.

    I also notice that if I post the draft several times, it turns up as a separate post each time in the WP control panel.

    Same here.

    This is getting to be a bit of a joke – it is the third time in little over 12 months a routine Jetpack update has toasted the stats function.

    Don’t they test these things before they release them?

    Last time it took several days to fix.

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