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  • “talking about in the grid of posts below the featured area”
    – yes the regular posts – when I have 100 posts I get the Older Posts (left) on bottom of front page to paginate that way, then on the second /page/2 or whatever it’s like Newer Psots to the right..
    “Posts” is not really the best descriptive language for this – so finding a way to change that would be awesome!
    (I found the plugin WP-PageNavi helpful for doing something similar)

    Also moving to 4 columns with the rows would be awesome – I love the way the pinblack theme pulls this off ( the amount of rows auto fill or carry over to the next row based on browser size.

    After modding bits here and there with the gazeete and expecting (ahem, assuming) that filling a wide view on 1900 pix screen would be easy, I am scrathing my head on how to add to margin on the left, as I have expanded the container, but the three thumbs are squished to the left and tons of whitespace on the right.

    Help is definitely appreciated, I trust the automattic done themes much more than old ones from unknown folks, and love the commenting in the style.css and stuff a whole lot, lots of appreciation for the not just using this but learning from it.

    just doing English.

    Site is live, but it is of an adult nature, and I’ve had mixed results with asking for help with links to such via the automattic forums over the years, I get the feeling that they are shunned and brushed off into a kind of quasi-censoring, so I try not to post links to them. Of course if someone is willing to help and really wants to take a look as to what is going on, then I am okay with sharing and even doing a screen share with something like together.js or zoom or something..

    If you know how the grid thing works with this theme, I would love to get some input on that too! I tried changing some of n3 + 3 things, as I made the containers super wide, but the grid just gets all mixed up when I try the n4 +4 and clear right and stuff..

    this theme has some great structure, but some parts could really use a tutorial or something, a lot of thinking went into this I can tell!




    Went in and deleted the advanced responsive video embedder plugin via ftp first, and then click to reload and the dashboard came up. So it looks like it was the other plugin, or maybe some kind of timing / timeout issue. Weird.

    Wish I had one of the audit log things running at the time.

    @laura530 – I am still considering have a fork of this one done from the last version, however these eare looking like they focus on privacy, so might be a godo replacement:

    Still considering.



    @wordplus – my bad, I should of made two posts for two different issues..

    main issue – I’d like to use this plugin – but what happens if I use it for a month and then decide not to use it anymore? If I deactivate the plugin.. I assume there will be emails sent to users that had not clicked to answer conversations and stuff like that.. once I deactivate the plugin, and then other people click over or email replies that won’t work..
    I wonder how much stuff would be broken and for how long basically.

    another question, totally separate issue is me wondering if this plugin gives the option to reverse the order of pms.. like once a back and back buddypress pm thread gets to say 20 replies – it gets to be a long scroll to the bottom to reply – especially on mobile.. so if the order could be optionally reversed – and give the newest messages on top and the reply box on top I know my users have asked for that..



    Tried to post it twice – but it looks like the over-bearing censorship system is not going to let me post it. meh.



    The problem is with a site that is adults only / NSFW..

    my managed hosting people have confirmed that the videos work with windows desktop and some android – but not iOs devices, when viewed on site, eg:
    adultsonlyspace .com/members /admin/media/79107/
    (dont go to that url if naked people parts would offend you or anyone near you!)

    however, if you view the source and pull the file directly with ipad or whatever then it works.. so they are 99% sure it’s the htaccess files thing – as removing that line makes it work..

    using buddypress with rtmedia plguin, and rtmedia ffmpeg video converter, wp multi-site, subdomain setup. 2014 theme, slightly modded.

    reposting, as it looks like the terrible ux system is making the post disappear with no warning – so I have no idea what is going on – is it held for moderation? sent to the akismet blackhole?
    jeez! I read the forum rules, have been following them – trying to get help with a major issue here – and been a member / user for years – url filter still hates me – sigh.

    Since this appears as one of top results when searching yahoo for this issue – thought I’d add what I did to stop in my case..

    On top of creating a new DB user and adding the new credentials to this wp-config as mentioned above –

    I went into phpmyadmin – my wp database – the wp users table.. selected the admin user I was logging in with – and change the password field, then selected md5 in the box next to it – and clicked save. At the same time I went into my wp-config and turned off debugging and debug logging – issue was then resolved.

    in between that and the other things mentioned in this thread, I had gone in and renamed the plugins folder, and then deleted almost all wordpress files and re-installed basically (after having a complete backup of all files and the database with add drop table selected) just in case.

    was re-doing the admin user password md5 the fix? or maybe just debug = false is suppressing me seeing the errors and causing troubles? or maybe it was the debug logging using a deprecated thing – I don’t know at this time.

    I had upgraded cpanel and apache recently – so maybe since this was created with older version of apache / cpanel / php – around wp 4.4.. then some updates and later problems – not sure.

    details on changing user pass through phpmyadmion and md5 and all that are in the codex (last I checked some years ago I think)

    un-believable. – just earned this plugin a one star review.

    selling out so many people – I hope you got more than 100,000 $ for doing this. Anything less than 10K makes you real *edited* – .

    anyone know what country plugin author resides?

    On my third site.. I deactivated ip geo block.. then inside dashboard selected all the other plugins that needed to be updated.. about 8.. clicked update.. it brings up the screen for my ftp details
    (To perform the requested action, WordPress needs to access your web server. Please enter your FTP credentials to proceed. If you do not remember your credentials, you should contact your web host.)

    then they update.. then I get screen showing “Error: Please change permissions for writing to geoipdb direcotry.”

    Wow – this error keeps displaying on when trying to get into wp-admin, and shows on home page now.. even after the ip geo block plugin is deleted via ftp.

    I even deactivated the ipgeo block before updating plugins.

    So perhaps this has to do with the plugin itself being updated and not getting the permissions it needed to finish updating.

    Finding the same issue with my experiments – one method makes it stretch over top of the sidebar – which looks good on a long post / page – however the other method shrinks the slider and it squishes the pictures to they are not proper proportion.

    Really trying to make everything on my site as responsive as possible, and this theme I’m using has the bootstrap stuff to make containers stretch / shrink / move..

    I think would be a good additional to have this plugin add an option to set max dimensions with percentages of container as another option instead of just the pixels.
    I’d love to see it 100% in my particular container.

    Answering my own issue – found that footer widget display must be turned on via theme options – then tab click ‘footer’

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    I am glad you are considering this. Right now AWS is the most abused network trying to brute force login on several of our sites.

    I would like to note that with one of our servers that runs free-bsd – the cidr notation does not seem to work well when blocking via htaccess – allow / deny for some reason – works fine with our other apache servers though it seems.

    with our free bsd system (has all kinds of custom settings by our server management company – I have to have them add cidrs to ip tables system, or run the ip blocks in htaccess like:
    (to block .1 – .255 )
    and in some cases, 123.456.
    to get whatever 255 * 255 ips is..

    side note – I found several errors in our error log with regards to the tor blocker plugin – I reported them there – but not sure that one is as well thought out and coded as your system is – so perhaps you may consider adding an option to download and add tor ips to your cool system here (?)

    thanks again – you are solving a very large problem that many are only starting to learn about – this is going to be very useful for many people.

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    They have a json file posted –

    52 Kb ? size?

    I was able to (or at least trying to block)
    1.5 mill of their ips by adding these two cidr’s to firewall and htaccess:
    deny from
    deny from

    (I think that is 1 million ips – I’m trying to learn / understand how the math works on this stuff – this shows it being 1.5 mill –

    Of course they have many more outside these ranges.. and I’m, not an expert on this stuff – so best practices – dunno.

    looks like their reverse dns does include : amazonaws . com

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